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The Sat Yoga Institute continues the highest tradition of wisdom schools that have been the core of human culture for as long as there have been historic records. But to be of service in this period of cultural dissolution and the violent rupture of normality, we have retooled our unique curriculum to enable you to keep a virtual lifeline to our inspiring programs wherever you are in our ever-expanding global sangha. We offer an abundance of nourishing online offerings at many different levels of intensity and depth.

Check out our calendar of Online Retreats taught by Shunyamurti. Explore our Members Section and join our growing planetary network of awakened yogis. Fast-track your path to Self-realization by savoring our seven-segment Online Course, the perfect initiation into your ongoing program of spiritual study. Or begin by enjoying our Public Teachings Portal, our online storehouse of life-enhancing revelations. We invite you to join this extraordinary spiritual revolution for the empowerment of humanity—and help to restore a world of goodness, love, truth, and beauty.

Online Retreats

3-day Intensives and 5-day Retreats led by Shunyamurti

These game-changing events offer unique and vital opportunities to advance your understanding of reality at all levels, to become free of emotional wounds, and able to regain your original nature of cosmic consciousness.

During these amazing gatherings, our ashram team is here to help you cultivate the ambience of an ashram no matter where you are, to create your own spiritual refuge, to maintain one-pointed focus on the goal of Liberation.

Members Section

Sustain Your Journey of Transformation by Absorbing New Teachings Every Day

Our membership sections offer ongoing training in ego transcendence and provide the most advanced and relevant insights to help you overcome internal obstacles and cope with the rapid escalation of planetary perils, conflicts, and cataclysmic events.

Three categories of participation are offered, designed to enable you to choose the amount of new information you can metabolize to keep you refreshed on this marathon of metaphysical and meditative mastery.

Public Teachings

Archives of Archetypal Insight

Discover the wealth of wisdom in this portal to Sat Yoga’s life-transforming teachings! As part of our calling to disseminate real usable intelligence, we offer this collection of Shunyamurti’s public lectures, as well as an additional selection of guided meditations and essays not available elsewhere.

Online Courses

Sat Yoga: Principles & Practice ~
An Intensive 7-Session Online Course

This innovative sequence of illuminating presentations is masterfully woven together by Shunyamurti and eloquently delivered by Radha Ma. 

Sat Yoga: Principles and Practice will de-mystify the stages of your own psycho-spiritual development and the human condition in general. It will enable you to sustain your serenity and poise in every situation. You will take a quantum leap into the ultimate mystery of nonduality.

The Dharma Bandhara

An Online Storehouse of Empowering Truth

The Sat Yoga Online Store is a treasure trove of life-altering knowledge, in the form of unrepeatable retreats, paradigm-shifting books, beautiful guided meditations, peerless wisdom teachings and clear answers to all questions, as well as the popular Reading the Sages audio collection.

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The Fundamentals of Meditation

Taught by Shunyamurti

Free Seven-Part Mini-Course
In the Art of Meditation

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The Fundamentals of Meditation

Taught by Shunyamurti

Free Seven-Part Mini-Course In the Art of Meditation

Enter your name and email address below to receive this transformative online course:

Your Registration includes a free subscription to our weekly newsletter. We respect your privacy. Your information will never be shared or sold.

Any issues or questions, please email us: [email protected]

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One whose consciousness has merged with Brahman, the Absolute, and thus has been liberated from all desire, fear, attachment, and material frames of reference. Thus, a Brahmachari naturally lives a life of celibacy, simplicity, and inner solitude.


Meditative meetings in which the highest teachings are shared. Shunyamurti also offers guidance during questions and answers to resolve the most difficult and delicate matters of the heart.


Information, energy, or nonlinear change that occurs as the effect of events that take place in the future and alter the past, which is perceived in the present as non-ordinary phenomena, synchronicities, unpredictable emergent properties or other notable explicate arisings. The source of such forces may also lie beyond chronological time, in higher dimensions of the Real.

The process of non-process:

Since awakening is instantaneous, along with the recognition that one was never really in the dream, but enjoying the creation of the dream, it must be understood that making awakening into a process can only be part of the dream, and has nothing to do with Awakening itself.

The Real:

When we speak of the Real, unless otherwise qualified, we mean the Supreme Real. The Supreme Real does not appear. Appearance is not Real. All that appears is empty of true existence. There are no real things. All that is phenomenal is temporary, dependent, and reducible to a wave function of consciousness. The world does not exist independent of consciousness. There is no matter or material world. All is made of consciousness. Pure consciousness is Presence. It is no-thing, non-objective, not in space or time. All that appears in Presence, or to Presence, is an emanation of Presence, but is not different from That. This is one meaning of nonduality.

The Real is also a term used in Lacanian psychoanalysis. What Lacan means by the Real is that aspect of phenomenal appearance which is overwhelming, traumatic, or impossible. We would call that Real One. It is a relative Real, not Absolute. We add that there is a Real Two, which consists of divine love. Love is not an appearance, but it changes appearance, through recognition of its Source, into a divine manifestation, a projection of God’s sublimely beautiful Mind as infinite fractal holographic cosmos. Real Three is the unchanging Absolute, beyond all conception or image.

Dharma and dharma:

When we use the term Dharma (capitalized), we refer to our dedication to living in accord with the timeless principles of impeccable integrity that keep us in harmony with Nature and our Supernatural Source.

When we use the term without capitalization, we refer to our acceptance of the community’s processes, protocols, and chain of command with the “Haji! Spirit” of going the “extra mile” and working overtime when necessary to make the impossible inevitable, as our unconditional act of surrender to Love.