Transformational Retreats

An accelerated 5 or 7-day transformational meditation retreat with Shunyamurti

Open the Gates of your inner Knowing

An authentic rite of ego-death and rebirth into the highest Pure Consciousness.

A retreat with Shunyamurti is the rare gift. These events are the highlights of Sat Yoga Ashram's yearly calendar.

Shunyamurti’s potent brew of wisdom teachings, healing shakti transmission, and transformational guidance is sweet medicine for any soul longing to to 

regain the joy of abidance in the silent luminous love of the Blissful Self.

Shunyamurti will guide you to overcome obsolete conditionings, to release psychosomatic symptoms, drop addictions and compulsions, melt away fears and anxieties, and eliminate negative self-images, achieve full mastery over the mind and find lasting inner peace.

Wisdom Classes

Every retreat offers many wisdom classes in which the most ancient esoteric knowledge and the insights of current science are masterfully woven together by Shunyamurti. And during questions and answers, your most profound existential questions can finally be answered.

Transformational processes

As well as meditation, satsang and wisdom classes, encounter your hidden talents and creative resources. Participate in the healing arts, from creative writing to visual expression, from sacred music to theater games, every retreat includes some or all of these as a means to heal, and to express the secret yearnings of our souls.

From $1445* / Seven-days

*Green Season Early Bird Rate - Costa Rican Residents please inquire for local prices

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