Study and Meditation Retreat

A 10-day or 4-week Ashram Immersion Program, Starting August 21, 2020

Dedicated to raising human consciousness, Sat Yoga offers a unique approach to healing and Self-realization.

We are sprouting the seeds of a higher culture of creative peace and dynamic goodness in this historic moment of planetary transition. This vision, based on the true nature of Being has been unfolding since 2002, under the guidance of Shunyamurti.


We have revitalized the concept of the ancient mystery school with a contemporary curriculum and a direct path to Self-realization.


Those with moral courage and a willingness to push the envelope of psycho-spiritual development to its farthest limits are invited to train in the ultimate martial art of the mind to actualize their inner power.


Heal your self

The Sat Yoga Ashram is an oasis of peace in which to bask in the liberating energies of acceptance, openness, and the power of the Real.


Heal your relationships

You can heal your life and learn how to help your family and society as you digest the information and energy offered by this community, pioneering innovative approaches to ego-transcendence and the achievement of lasting communal harmony.

Heal the world

Our goal is to activate the planetary morphogenetic field through transmission of the most coherent signal of unity at the quantum level of interconnected consciousness, as well as disseminating the information needed to replicate this project in all regions of our chaotic world.


The Sat Yoga spiritual community (sangha) is focused on becoming a model of a living super-organism in unitive action.


Offering a dynamic yet disciplined lifestyle that emphasizes meditation, ongoing study, inner work, and communal service, the Sat Yoga Ashram is providing a vision of life that transcends the current egocentric and consumerist model.

Our approach to the embodiment of timeless yogic principles enables us to negotiate the delicate passage from wounded ego to the Primordial Self.



After morphing from Gandhian political activist to attorney, to dharmic yogi, psychoanalyst, and spiritual leader, Shunyamurti was called to found the Sat Yoga Ashram and function as yogic research director, healer, and teacher. He has integrated Eastern and Western approaches to Self-realization in order to help seekers gain liberation from the illusion of suffering.

Dedicated to raising human consciousness, Sat Yoga offers a unique approach to healing and Self-realization.

The earth imerging from a lotus flower


The power to realize sublime illumination and live in a self-emanating field of pure love, clarity, and intuitive knowing can be attained in our heart-fulfilling retreats that guide you on the sacred journey to the Absolute.

Upcoming Retreats & Immersions

Our Ashram community is taking full advantage of the current world situation to engage in an intensive sangha retreat. If you are currently residing within Costa Rica, and have a sincere and heartfelt yearning to join us here at the ashram for a transformational retreat with Shunyamurti, or a restorative personal retreat, please click the links, or email Amrita, our Visit Coordinator, who will gladly guide you through the application process. 


Please read our updated Coronavirus page for the latest updates on travel to Costa Rica and the Ashram.

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