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(We're Not) Living in a Dying World
Coping with the Collapsing Planetary System From a Higher Context
A 3-Day Online Intensive Guided by Shunyamurti ~ February 11 - 13, 2022
Sat Yoga: Principles & Practice
An Intensive 7-Session Online Course
The New Book by Shunyamurti Is Now Available
Coming Full Circle: The Secret of the Singularity
Shakti Saturation Month
A 4-Week Onsite Ashram Program with Shunyamurti and the Sat Yoga Sangha
Critical Communiqué:
A State of the World Report by Shunyamurti

Dedicated to raising human consciousness, Sat Yoga offers a unique approach to healing and Self-realization.

Sat Yoga, Costa Rica

Ashram - Institute - Foundation

We are sprouting the seeds of a higher culture of creative peace and dynamic goodness in this historic moment of planetary transition. This vision, based on the true nature of Being has been unfolding since 2002, under the guidance of Shunyamurti.

Wisdom School

Sat Yoga Institute

We have revitalized the concept of the ancient mystery school with a contemporary curriculum and a direct path to Self-realization.

Those with moral courage and a willingness to push the envelope of psycho-spiritual development to its farthest limits are invited to train in the ultimate martial art of the mind to actualize their inner power.

Sat Yoga Wisdom School

Healing Refuge

Individual, Community, Planetary

Heal your self

The Sat Yoga Ashram is an oasis of peace in which to bask in the liberating energies of acceptance, openness, and the power of the Real.

Heal your relationships

You can heal your life and learn how to help your family and society as you digest the information and energy offered by this community, pioneering innovative approaches to ego-transcendence and the achievement of lasting communal harmony.

Heal your relationships

Our goal is to activate the planetary morphogenetic field through transmission of the most coherent signal of unity at the quantum level of interconnected consciousness, as well as disseminating the information needed to replicate this project in all regions of our chaotic world.


A Spiritual Tribe

The Sat Yoga spiritual community (sangha) is focused on becoming a model of a living super-organism in unitive action.

Offering a dynamic yet disciplined lifestyle that emphasizes meditation, ongoing study, inner work, and communal service, the Sat Yoga Ashram is providing a vision of life that transcends the current egocentric and consumerist model.

Our approach to the embodiment of timeless yogic principles enables us to negotiate the delicate passage from wounded ego to the Primordial Self.


A Spiritual Teacher

After morphing from Gandhian political activist to attorney, to dharmic yogi, psychoanalyst, and spiritual leader, Shunyamurti was called to found the Sat Yoga Ashram and function as yogic research director, healer, and teacher. He has integrated Eastern and Western approaches to Self-realization in order to help seekers gain liberation from the illusion of suffering.

Life-Changing Retreats

Embody Your Unlimited Self

The power to realize sublime illumination and live in a self-emanating field of pure love, clarity, and intuitive knowing can be attained in our heart-fulfilling retreats that guide you on the sacred journey to the Absolute.

Sat Yoga Life-Changing Retreats

Upcoming Retreats & Immersions

Upcoming Online

(We're Not) Living in a Dying World

February 11 – 13, 2022

(We’re Not) Living in a Dying World

A 3-Day Online Intensive Guided by Shunyamurti
Liberation in the Bardo of Life

April 15 – 19, 2022

Liberation in the Bardo of Life

5-Day Online Retreat Guided by Shunyamurti

Coronavirus Updates

We have updated our ashram admission requirements due to health concerns related to the pandemic.

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The Light has arrived!

Coming Full Circle:

The Secret of the Singularity

The new book by Shunyamurti is now available!

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One whose consciousness has merged with Brahman, the Absolute, and thus has been liberated from all desire, fear, attachment, and material frames of reference. Thus, a Brahmachari naturally lives a life of celibacy, simplicity, and inner solitude.


Meditative meetings in which the highest teachings are shared. Shunyamurti also offers guidance during questions and answers to resolve the most difficult and delicate matters of the heart.


Information, energy, or nonlinear change that occurs as the effect of events that take place in the future and alter the past, which is perceived in the present as non-ordinary phenomena, synchronicities, unpredictable emergent properties or other notable explicate arisings. The source of such forces may also lie beyond chronological time, in higher dimensions of the Real.

The process of non-process:

Since awakening is instantaneous, along with the recognition that one was never really in the dream, but enjoying the creation of the dream, it must be understood that making awakening into a process can only be part of the dream, and has nothing to do with Awakening itself.

The Real:

When we speak of the Real, unless otherwise qualified, we mean the Supreme Real. The Supreme Real does not appear. Appearance is not Real. All that appears is empty of true existence. There are no real things. All that is phenomenal is temporary, dependent, and reducible to a wave function of consciousness. The world does not exist independent of consciousness. There is no matter or material world. All is made of consciousness. Pure consciousness is Presence. It is no-thing, non-objective, not in space or time. All that appears in Presence, or to Presence, is an emanation of Presence, but is not different from That. This is one meaning of nonduality.

The Real is also a term used in Lacanian psychoanalysis. What Lacan means by the Real is that aspect of phenomenal appearance which is overwhelming, traumatic, or impossible. We would call that Real One. It is a relative Real, not Absolute. We add that there is a Real Two, which consists of divine love. Love is not an appearance, but it changes appearance, through recognition of its Source, into a divine manifestation, a projection of God’s sublimely beautiful Mind as infinite fractal holographic cosmos. Real Three is the unchanging Absolute, beyond all conception or image.

Dharma and dharma:

When we use the term Dharma (capitalized), we refer to our dedication to living in accord with the timeless principles of impeccable integrity that keep us in harmony with Nature and our Supernatural Source.

When we use the term without capitalization, we refer to our acceptance of the community’s processes, protocols, and chain of command with the “Haji! Spirit” of going the “extra mile” and working overtime when necessary to make the impossible inevitable, as our unconditional act of surrender to Love.