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Rediscover the Deep Truth of Who You Are and the Meaning of All that is Happening

For many years, we have had the privilege of sharing the abundance of Shunyamurti’s teachings freely with the world across our social media channels. Those that were considered too advanced, too subtle, too nuanced, and too unbearably direct have only ever been offered at the ashram.

We have now expanded our Members Section to include these secret teachings so that you can traverse this time of tribulation with empowered discernment and a clear path to Liberation. These gems of insight contextualize the current events in our world in relation to the vertical dimensions, in order to recognize the blessings hidden in the chaos and constraints, and the way that leads to the highest destiny.

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A Teacher who Connects the Dots

Deconstruct the ego illusion, re-orient the soul, and realize the One Self!

Offering a comprehensive approach to Self-realization, Shunyamurti’s integral teachings connect you to the powerful force of Truth. All the tools of philosophy and psychoanalysis are concisely employed in accord with the current insights of objective science, integrated with the timeless wisdom of the highest yoga—the hidden core of all spiritual traditions.

These teachings will dissolve your ego defenses and enable you to be saturated with the power and the luminous love from the Source of your Being.

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You Are Invited into the Sacred Inner Sanctum

We are changing our policy to allow the most dedicated online members to have access to the most advanced, urgent, and relevant teachings in order to cope with the rapid escalation of world events. Three categories of participation are designed to offer the appropriate amount of information with the right level of intensity and intimacy to serve your growth at whatever phase of the inner journey you are traversing. If you find you can handle more Truth about the Real, as well as about the happenings in the Matrix, you can always upgrade your membership level.

Three Levels of Membership
  • The Gyani level will give you general guidance that will clarify the path and help you discern the inner obstacles.
  • The Vigyani level will explore more deeply those obstacles in clearly explained detail, and offer priceless methods for overcoming them.
  • The Pragyani level offers you all the information from every level of teaching, including those that connect the dots of what is going on in the illusory world, plus the opportunity to connect directly with the spiritual guide, a privilege that usually only an ashram dweller or on-site student can experience.

Let your Heart decide how deeply and fully you wish to participate. At every level, you will gain the blessing of supporting the sacred mission of the Sat Yoga Institute and Ashram to fully awaken human consciousness.

Sat Yoga Members Book Group

September 15 – December 1, 2021

Wednesdays at 5:30 pm Costa Rica Time

We are opening our virtual doors for the beloved Members of our online community to join our Ashram community for a 12-week book group to analyse and discuss Shunyamurti’s transformational new work,
Coming Full Circle: The Secret of the Singularity.

These gatherings will be streamed live via Zoom, so that you can join together with us here at the ashram. Each week we will select an essay—or several—to read, reflect upon, and discuss together how to make full use of this empowering information.

Level 1: Gyani

Become a Knower of Supreme Truth!

Learn to see the real nature of the game and adopt more successful strategies. When you cross the threshold of the Sat Yoga Wisdom School with this introductory level of membership, you will be initiated into a new world of understanding.

Gyanis receive a new and unpublished teaching weekly in downloadable video and audio format plus a transcript. This level also grants you access to an extensive archive of discourses and dialogues, guided meditations, and Shunyamurti’s poetic essays. All the teachings have been meticulously catalogued, organized by topics, media, and levels of advancement.

The Gyani Level Includes:

  • A new teaching weekly, including video, audio, and transcript
  • A new Guided Meditation every month
  • Key to the Teachings Archive: Over 400 wisdom teachings in text, audio, and video formats, categorized and curated so you can always find what you are looking for
  • Access to the Guided Meditations Archive
  • Shunyamurti’s Essay Library

Should you wish to continue after your trial period, the Good Karma Contribution will be $20 per month // $180 for 1 year (save 25%).

Level 2: Vigyani

Turn the Knowledge into Wisdom and Attain Full Illumination!

When you enroll as a Vigyani, you are given access to our ongoing ashram curriculum in real time in audio format. 

Never miss a class, including Shunyamurti’s short and powerful early morning meditation talks, satsang discourses, and the priceless dialogues with seekers. In addition, you receive all Shunyamurti’s profound movie night introductions and film reviews.

The Vigyani level also offers the special bonus of a Monthly Encounter Group—an opportunity to connect with the Sat Yoga Teaching Team and fellow students worldwide via Zoom, and to discuss the information and its impact on our lives.

The Vigyani Membership includes:

  • Everything offered in the Gyani Level, plus
  • All general teachings in audio format:
    • Morning readings and talks
    • Community Satsangs with guided meditations and Q&A sessions
    • Special discourses by Shunyamurti
  • All Movie Night essays and film reviews
  • One Monthly Encounter Group via Zoom with Vigyani and Pragyani students from around the world and the Sat Yoga Teaching Team
  • All teaching audio uploaded directly after each class
  • 20% Discount on all your Online Store purchases 

Good Karma Contribution:

Level 3: Pragyani

Connect to Infinite Mind, Attain Total Empowerment, Realize Liberation!

Step up to the plate and become a Pragyani! You will be granted unlimited top-level access to the entire corpus and ongoing flow of Shunyamurti’s transformative teachings in online retreats and events, as well as the talks he delivers regularly in our ashram curriculum—this includes teachings too advanced for general consumption and talks on sensitive subjects that can no longer be discussed on other channels. These will be shared in video format in the Pragyani section, and nowhere else.

As a Pragyani, your questions are always prioritized during the livestream satsangs, and you will have complete access to all the retreat teachings. You will also have the very special opportunity to ask questions directly to Shunyamurti via email, and receive direct, confidential, personal guidance.

Enroll as a Pragyani member of the Sat Yoga Wisdom School and receive the most complete guidance and support to gain mastery over the ego-mind and realize the Self. This membership level is the closest one can come to living here at the ashram (and without having to come to 4am meditation). Please sign up for this section only if you are ready to dive wholeheartedly into the ultimate adventure of transcendence of ego and liberation from all suffering entailed by being enmeshed in the Great Illusion!

Pragyani Membership includes:

Everything offered in Gyani & Vigyani, and:

  • Livestream Retreats: Access to all of Shunyamurti’s Livestream Retreats & Events, including 5-Day Retreats and 3-Day Intensives that take place during the period of your membership.
  • Your livestream questions prioritized 
  • Total access to retreat teachings
  • Pragyani Exclusive Teachings: Intelligence that connects the dots from the highest perspective on what is happening in the world, and advanced insights for attaining Liberation.
  • Ask Shunyamurti: Pragyani members can ask questions directly to Shunyamurti and receive personal guidance
  • Store Discount: 30% Discount on all your Online Store purchases

Enroll Today and Receive Advanced Guidance

Good Karma Contribution:

A Word About Good Karma:

Since time immemorial, spiritual guides and wisdom schools have taught (and depended upon) the generosity of seekers and supporters to enable them to function to uplift the consciousness of humanity and safeguard the general wellbeing of the world.

The word donation comes from the Sanskrit term Dana, which means giving from the Heart. Dana is the first paramita (perfection) named by the Buddha, in the Mahayana tradition. In all the yogic lineages, the gifts offered to teachers and ashrams were considered the key to overcoming egocentricity and negative karma. The teachers, in turn, would use the funds, or food, or other offerings to nourish many others, both physically and spiritually.

Your donations enable us to cover our costs in order to give free teachings to a global audience who are thirsty for this knowledge. Your gifts also enable us to subsidize many worthy students who could not otherwise attend events. Your offerings also help us to sustain our residential community, to accept volunteers ready for intensive outer and inner work, and to build a secure refuge for those who want to live or retire in this community and join in our sacred work at the highest levels. We thank you for your generosity, and we know that it will bring you many blessings.

Knowledge is Power

Supreme Knowledge Yields the Power of Divine Love, Magical Skill, Joy, and the Upliftment of All.

Whichever level of membership you choose, you will receive empowering information that can morph into redemption from the labyrinth of the mind. All the discourses are beautifully crafted to open your soul and your heart to Truth. We have carefully selected the teachings with the aim of accelerating the completion of your transformational journey.

Wherever you are in the world, you are welcome to join this global alliance of spiritual revolutionaries bringing Truth to a noosphere clouded with disinformation. Sat Yoga is a real spiritual family, an ark, and an empowering support network. Your participation will raise the vibrational frequency of our unified field, so that all can attain the nobility, wisdom, and luminosity that enables a soul to have a voice in the creation of our sacred planet’s re-emerging divine order!

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One whose consciousness has merged with Brahman, the Absolute, and thus has been liberated from all desire, fear, attachment, and material frames of reference. Thus, a Brahmachari naturally lives a life of celibacy, simplicity, and inner solitude.


Meditative meetings in which the highest teachings are shared. Shunyamurti also offers guidance during questions and answers to resolve the most difficult and delicate matters of the heart.


Information, energy, or nonlinear change that occurs as the effect of events that take place in the future and alter the past, which is perceived in the present as non-ordinary phenomena, synchronicities, unpredictable emergent properties or other notable explicate arisings. The source of such forces may also lie beyond chronological time, in higher dimensions of the Real.

The process of non-process:

Since awakening is instantaneous, along with the recognition that one was never really in the dream, but enjoying the creation of the dream, it must be understood that making awakening into a process can only be part of the dream, and has nothing to do with Awakening itself.

The Real:

When we speak of the Real, unless otherwise qualified, we mean the Supreme Real. The Supreme Real does not appear. Appearance is not Real. All that appears is empty of true existence. There are no real things. All that is phenomenal is temporary, dependent, and reducible to a wave function of consciousness. The world does not exist independent of consciousness. There is no matter or material world. All is made of consciousness. Pure consciousness is Presence. It is no-thing, non-objective, not in space or time. All that appears in Presence, or to Presence, is an emanation of Presence, but is not different from That. This is one meaning of nonduality.

The Real is also a term used in Lacanian psychoanalysis. What Lacan means by the Real is that aspect of phenomenal appearance which is overwhelming, traumatic, or impossible. We would call that Real One. It is a relative Real, not Absolute. We add that there is a Real Two, which consists of divine love. Love is not an appearance, but it changes appearance, through recognition of its Source, into a divine manifestation, a projection of God’s sublimely beautiful Mind as infinite fractal holographic cosmos. Real Three is the unchanging Absolute, beyond all conception or image.

Dharma and dharma:

When we use the term Dharma (capitalized), we refer to our dedication to living in accord with the timeless principles of impeccable integrity that keep us in harmony with Nature and our Supernatural Source.

When we use the term without capitalization, we refer to our acceptance of the community’s processes, protocols, and chain of command with the “Haji! Spirit” of going the “extra mile” and working overtime when necessary to make the impossible inevitable, as our unconditional act of surrender to Love.