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A Members Section for Unprecedented Times

As we enter this next phase of intensive and disciplined sadhana here at the ashram, our Members Section has also been updated to offer you the most up to date teachings on a weekly basis or in real time.

Level 1 Membership: Gyani


  • New! Recently recorded Teaching of the Week

  • New! Guided Meditations

  • More! Question and Answer sessions with Shunyamurti

Good Karma Contribution Level - $20 per month; $54 for 3 months (save 10%); $102 for six months (save 15%); $180 for 1 year (save 25%)

Level 2 Membership: Vigyani

  • Everything offered in Gyani package

  • All non-event teachings, including new book groups facilitated by Shunyamurti

  • All morning teachings, evening satsangs, introductions to film nights, and wisdom-filled question & answer sessions

Good Karma Contribution - $130 for 3 months; $240 for 6 months

Level 3 Membership: Pragyani 


In Shunyamurti’s words: Receive enough knowledge and Shakti for a full baptism in the blissfully cool Ocean of Luminous Grace. Gain access to all general ashram classes, including the early morning zingers that knock your socks off, and all our special events filled with explosive transformative psycho-algorithms that will leave you totally naked and surrendered in the celestial bedchamber of Bhagavan. Only sign up for this section if you are ready for the ultimate ordeal of facing into the Mirror of Truth!!


  • Everything offered in Gyani & Vigyani packages and:

  • Audio recordings of all meditation weekends, all retreats, and all special events that are held during the period of your membership.

  • A significant 15% discount on any one retreat of your choice every six months of your membership.

  • Pragyani members can ask personal questions of Shunya and receive personal blessings


Good Karma Contribution: $540 for 6 months; $960 for 1 year

Please note: These contribution amounts do not include Costa Rican Sales Tax of 13%, which will be reflected at checkout. We will email you with confirmation of payment received within 48 hours of payment. Any issues or questions? Email us info@satyoga.org

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