The Dao of the Final Days

An Adaptation of the Dao de Jing

Designed to Serve Those Facing Apocalyptic Times

The new book by Shunyamurti is now available!

This book of poems, inspired by the insights of the ancient sages Laozi and Zhuangzi, remains true to the original spirit of the Dao, but not to Daoism. The purpose of this book is not to promote a philosophy, but to transmit a vibrational frequency that attunes to the implicate order of the Real.

~from the Epilogue

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A Timeless Classic

Revisioned for This Historic Moment

The world’s most beloved ancient book of wisdom – the Dao De Jing – has been a source of inspiration and insight for thousands of years. But it needed to be adapted to offer relevant guidance now, to help us face the challenges of the unprecedented planetary state of emergency that is underway.

The awesome and dreadful truth of what is happening—and the Way to pass the tests the world is forcing us to face, with sacred strength and purity of heart—is laid out in a series of ecstatic poetic renderings in this new masterwork by Shunyamurti. The Dao of the Final Days stays true to the spirit of the original, yet goes further into the monstrous machinations of the Matrix than anyone has yet dared to utter, or even think. And most crucially, this magical poetry offers a Way out of our dark labyrinth into the Light of Liberation. Those who understand the Dao will traverse this time of tribulations in a state of grace, and earn the right to graduate from our global gulag by ascending into cosmic consciousness—and Beyond.

Book Group Satsang Collection

A Four-Part Series Guided by Shunyamurti

The deeper implications of this groundbreaking adaptation of the Dao De Jing, re-engineered for this apocalyptic moment in time, are explored in these full-length satsangs. Shunyamurti offers timely teachings on the world situation, poetic readings and expanded perspectives on many of the songs of the Dao, along with Dao meditations, and Q&A sessions from the online and at home community.

From the Songs of the Dao

Responses from Readers of the Dao

Reworked and relevant to address how to live in a world of ego driven dreaming. Pointing to the Truth whilst not naming what cannot be named.

~SF, Australia

Almost unbelievable how amazing this book is. Just holding it is powerful then reading it is an experience words cannot convey. Thank you Shunyamurti and all that helped in this publication.

~Matt, USA

As someone who follows the tenants of the tao, this adaptation is very apt and useful as the modern style and meaning helps boast the concepts of the original text.

~Aj, Canada

Shunyamurti has made a book so profoundly wise, simple and digestible that Lao would be proud. He hits the nail on the head of what is happening on earth right now. Many of the lines mirror my own internal dialogue over the last decade. Many other lines call out my own ego misconceptions. The pages are infused with non-duality and quiet the raging ego enough to hear the truth of the Dao. A quick read I will read again and again. Recommended!

~Alpha, USA

This book is a blessing. You can feel the resonance of truth.

~Alessandro, Germany

What a delight to receive the updated version of this divine book of songs. The wisdom and beauty of these poetic songs of the Dao are a balm for the soul in these final days of Kali Yuga.

~Lorna, USA

I have eight translations/commentaries of the Tao de Jing in my bookcase. I thought that everything that could be said about the Tao de Jing had already been said. But no. I just bought The Dao of the Final Days and I found a whole lot more in there than I ever knew was there. This new translation is so relevant to this crazy time we’re in. Shunyamurti, thank you for writing The Dao of the Final Days. It is going to help readers get a higher perspective of what’s happening right now.

~Mal, Australia

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The Dao of the Final Days

An Adaptation of the Dao de Jing

Join us for the Livestream Book Launch and Satsang with Shunyamurti
on Saturday, June 4!

“The Self alone is Real
And shows the way to Liberation
From the matrix of illusion.”

~From The Dao of the Final Days

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The Way Has Been Made
Clear Once More

In this joyful presentation, Shunyamurti introduces a new modus operandi for postmodern practitioners of the art of world creation. The classic guidebook of the Way and its Power—the Dao De Jing—has been re-engineered to serve the needs of spiritual revolutionaries in this time of tyranny and social collapse. If you want to achieve mastery in this holographic game of life and death, there is no more effective key than
The Dao of the Final Days.

The Self that cannot be grasped
Will always hold you

Surrender and God’s love
Will enfold you

Empty your mind and open your heart
To be filled with the Self’s light and love
The virtue of the Dao is Real

~From Song 14, “The Real”

Bow to the Dao
By standing for Truth

Kiss the feet of the Lord
Who is dancing on your head
By igniting your crown chakra

Listen from the Heart
And the lies of the mind will die

~From Song 22, “True Devotion”

The mystery of life and death
Cannot be plumbed by the ego’s mind

Perhaps three in ten will even try
Only three in ten will survive till the end
But every consciousness will ascend

What is real cannot perish
Nor undergo change
There is no good reason for fear

~From Song 50, “Rite of Passage”

Members Book Group with Shunyamurti

Livestream Gatherings: March 9, 16, 23, 30
Wednesday evenings @ 5.30pm Costa Rica Time

We will be offering in March a weekly livestream Members Book Group to explore the implications of The Dao of the Final Days. These weekly encounters will be broadcast live from the Sat Yoga Ashram in Costa Rica, hosted by our onsite sangha and extended to all our online members.

These gatherings are an opportunity to delve deeply into the Dao with Shunyamurti, who will lead Dao meditations, comment on the text, and leave time to answer questions.

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If you do not receive your free sample in your inbox,
please email [email protected]
If you do not receive your free sample in your inbox,
please email [email protected]

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One whose consciousness has merged with Brahman, the Absolute, and thus has been liberated from all desire, fear, attachment, and material frames of reference. Thus, a Brahmachari naturally lives a life of celibacy, simplicity, and inner solitude.


Meditative meetings in which the highest teachings are shared. Shunyamurti also offers guidance during questions and answers to resolve the most difficult and delicate matters of the heart.


Information, energy, or nonlinear change that occurs as the effect of events that take place in the future and alter the past, which is perceived in the present as non-ordinary phenomena, synchronicities, unpredictable emergent properties or other notable explicate arisings. The source of such forces may also lie beyond chronological time, in higher dimensions of the Real.

The process of non-process:

Since awakening is instantaneous, along with the recognition that one was never really in the dream, but enjoying the creation of the dream, it must be understood that making awakening into a process can only be part of the dream, and has nothing to do with Awakening itself.

The Real:

When we speak of the Real, unless otherwise qualified, we mean the Supreme Real. The Supreme Real does not appear. Appearance is not Real. All that appears is empty of true existence. There are no real things. All that is phenomenal is temporary, dependent, and reducible to a wave function of consciousness. The world does not exist independent of consciousness. There is no matter or material world. All is made of consciousness. Pure consciousness is Presence. It is no-thing, non-objective, not in space or time. All that appears in Presence, or to Presence, is an emanation of Presence, but is not different from That. This is one meaning of nonduality.

The Real is also a term used in Lacanian psychoanalysis. What Lacan means by the Real is that aspect of phenomenal appearance which is overwhelming, traumatic, or impossible. We would call that Real One. It is a relative Real, not Absolute. We add that there is a Real Two, which consists of divine love. Love is not an appearance, but it changes appearance, through recognition of its Source, into a divine manifestation, a projection of God’s sublimely beautiful Mind as infinite fractal holographic cosmos. Real Three is the unchanging Absolute, beyond all conception or image.

Dharma and dharma:

When we use the term Dharma (capitalized), we refer to our dedication to living in accord with the timeless principles of impeccable integrity that keep us in harmony with Nature and our Supernatural Source.

When we use the term without capitalization, we refer to our acceptance of the community’s processes, protocols, and chain of command with the “Haji! Spirit” of going the “extra mile” and working overtime when necessary to make the impossible inevitable, as our unconditional act of surrender to Love.