Study & Meditation Immersion


Extended Stays for Deeper Transformation

A 10-day or 4-Week Study and Meditation Program

Take a quantum leap in your self-understanding through yogic wisdom and meditation. Discover the key to lasting inner peace as you shed the illusion of the ego and empower your True Self. 

A Time of Accelerated Growth   

The Sat Yoga Ashram Immersion is a carefully developed program of practical wisdom classes, plus several daily meditation sittings, special classes in the arts, satsangs in the company of Shunyamurti, immersion in community life and opportunities for karma yoga (communal service). These programs offer a portal into the Truth of our intrinsic nature, deeper within than can be reached by thought. For ripe souls eager to pursue an authentic path to Self-realization, this is the express train.

Theoretical Knowledge Made Practical

Daily classes in the understanding of the mind and its dynamic functioning are offered in small group settings. In these classes, you will come to appreciate the structure of the human ego, how it operates and limits your day-to-day life. You will discover maps of consciousness to enable you to traverse the ego level and function in Soul-consciousness, then on to Pure Spirit and the bliss of Presence. You will come to understand the trajectory of inner growth and how to help others make quantum leaps as well.


Full immersion in community life

Following the ancient practice of yogis, we begin the day by meditating together at 4am. This early morning meditation gathering helps overcome laziness, creates a unified energy field, clarity of mind, and an open heart for the day ahead. Immersion students participate in all our community meditations and classes, as well as special satsangs with Shunyamurti, and uphold the Yamas and Niyamas, the ethical yogic guidelines by which our community abides. As part of your immersion program, experience the healing power of seva with 7 – 10 weekly hours of karma yoga (communal service) in the gardens, kitchen, housekeeping, and other areas of daily activity.

Inner work, Contemplation, reflection

Each day there are several opportunities for independent reflection, study, journaling and free time to enjoy the beautiful natural setting of the Sat Yoga Ashram. You will have the opportunity to tap into previously unexplored areas of your being through artistic expression and exploration.

Through years of study, yogic training and clinical experience, Shunyamurti has also created a revolutionary dyadic approach to inner work called Atmanology.

You can significantly accelerate your transformation by engaging in one-to-one sessions with a trained guide.

From $1150* / 10-day program

From $2295* / 4-week program 

*Green Season Early Bird Rate ~ Costa Rican Residents please inquire for local prices


An ashram is the most ancient and sacred archetypal form of community. It is a school, a monastery, a refuge for Spirit to flourish, a pilgrimage center in which the highest wisdom is offered and the most sublime values are lived and shared with all. Meditate with a group of dedicated yogis working toward ego transcendence and planetary healing. 

Upcoming Immersion Programs


10-Day Program:  August 14 - August 23

4-Week Program: August 14 - September 10

Immersion Program

An intensive 10-day or 4-week study and meditation program

10-Day Program: November 20 - 29

4-Week Program: November 20 - December 17

, 2020

, 2020

Immersion Program

An intensive 10-day or 4-week study and meditation program

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