A Heart-centered Approach

Healing Your Whole Being

Our individual Atmanology sessions focus on healing from emotional wounds that have caused psychological suffering and somatic symptoms.

Reaching the Root Cause

We create a safe space in which defenses can come down, repressed memories and affect can come up, and love can come through. The combination of understanding and empathy, offered in an energy field of luminous love, can thaw out a frozen heart and suture a wounded soul.

Solid Support

We patiently facilitate your process of regaining wholeness and inner security by listening deeply and compassionately—to both vocal and body language,

to what is said and not said—and interpreting the messages and synchronicities, the ruptures and the tears, the projections and the problematic reactions, until all confusion has cleared, and the smiles and laughter of inner healing have emerged.

Healing the World​

Your attainment of Self-realization benefits the world—because the world is your dream. You can learn to re-dream it in the most beautiful way!

"Let us allow the wisdom, love, healing energy, and unifying presence of the Absolute to live through us." 
                                                                            ~ Shunyamurti


What is Atmanology?

A compressed education in the science of consciousness


After years of study of the mind, including philosophical, psychological, and yogic self-development plus hands-on practice of methodical training of students, Shunyamurti has created a revolutionary dyadic approach to teaching people how to activate the Supermind (known in yogic terms as the Atman). This training process enables people not only to increase their creative intelligence but also to re-program the subconscious operating system to eliminate obsolete conditionings.  This extraordinary educational process is referred to as Atmanology.

The process is informed by the latest developments in neurobiology, autopoiesis theory, quantum field theory, nonlinear dynamics, chaos and complexity theory, and meta-cognitive training. It will be found useful in such practical applications as leadership ability, critical thinking, willpower strengthening, concentration and attention augmentation, stress management, teamwork development, memory improvement, attitudinal optimization, creative problem solving, and relationship enhancement.

This form of one-to-one exploration and activation of the full spectrum of consciousness, beginning with understanding of how to develop one’s potentials, and leading to elimination of internal conflicts, magnifying strategic planning capacities, and downloading of new paradigms of knowledge and accurate, successful action in the real world.

Atmanology Educational Sessions

One-to-one transformation

The process of Atmanology is a modality of training the consciousness to tap into its highest levels and multiple modes of intelligence, intuition, sensing, and feeling faculties, leading to decisive upgrades in refinement of personal and inter-subjective functioning. Employing the insights of radical constructivism, cybernetics, oneiric superpositioning, morphogenetic transmission, and resonance amplification, the adept Atmanologist can become a catalyst for organizational transformation at every level.


Expect surprise, mastery of dancing landscapes of new understanding, empowered self-confidence, massive influxes of illumination and insight, awe, tears, laughter, stillness, and the grace of true gravitas and heightened sense of Presence. 

The Secret of Healing

Faith, Love and Yearning


In this poetic teaching, Shunyamurti explains that if we wish to heal from any type of dis-ease, we must learn to FLY: to cultivate Faith, Love and Yearning.

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