Shunyamurti Retreats

A master of meditation and wisdom

Accelerate Your Spiritual Awakening!

Receive the inspired transmissions of Shunyamurti that have the uncanny power to free your mind and heart.

Every Shunyamurti retreat is unique, filled with gems of insight, revealed from Source and delivered with astonishing clarity and love.  

These events open portals to your own Real Self. They are filled with divine energy and knowledge. Meditations will bring the dropping away of stress and defensive 

patterns and renew your life energy, they will inspire heightened freedom and creative power.


Wisdom classes and satsangs will accelerate your spiritual development as the subtle concepts shared will clarify the inconceivable and increase your capacity to absorb information that both exhilarates and liberates. 

Liberating Wisdom

Insights that lead to Self-Mastery

Knowledge brings power. Shunyamurti offers a transfusion of empowering knowledge that will enable you to overcome self-defeating tendencies and the effects of past losses and traumas.


The most ancient secret wisdom and the discoveries of current science are masterfully woven together by Shunyamurti. The teachings are spontaneous, inspired, and unique to each retreat—and relevant to everyone present. You will have the opportunity to get your own most crucial questions finally and fully answered.


The penetrating insights shared in these events will change your life forever. 

Shunyamurti Retreats

A retreat with Shunyamurti is a rare gift. These events are are the highlights of Sat Yoga Ashram's calendar.

A weekend of meditation, wisdom, and empowerment. Spend three days and two nights in a magical spiritual refuge.

Silent Retreats


We look forward to scheduling our next Silent Meditation Retreat. Please click below to learn more about these most precious retreats.

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Extended Stays

Whether you stay for ten days, a month, or more, take all the time you need to assimilate the teachings into your Being, to reflect upon your choices, and reconsider your options, your yearnings and the meaning of your life. 

Upcoming Shunyamurti Retreats

July 11 - 15, 2020

Join Online or In-person 

How to Cultivate the Love of God

A Five-day Transformational Retreat Guided by Shunyamurti

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