Implications of Quantum Superposition in the Buddha Nature

Shunyamurti gives a mindblowing teaching, relating The Heart Sutra with the game of pool, reveals that the goal of all religions is to build a quantum supercomputer, and peppering in gems of wisdom and insight along the way. This teaching is a sneak peek into our first ever livestream retreat; The Corona Retreat: Awakening in a Dying World: Coming Out of Denial and Into the Real which is now available to download as a full audio-video package.

We are delighted to announce that the teachings from this retreat are now digitally available for you to stream and download. In this retreat, Shunyamurti will take you on a breathtaking journey - from the Heart Sutra to the Game of Pool, from Anandamayi Ma to Moses the Shaman and Christ the Medicine Buddha, to The Philosophy of Love and the rebirth of Cosmic Beauty!

The Complete Audio Video Package Includes:

Over 15 Hours of Video and Audio

  • 10 Satsangs: Seminars and Teachings

  • 2 Powerful Guided Meditations

  • Question and Answer Sessions with Shunyamurti

  • Additional Study Materials Selected by Shunyamurti

This complete package is available for just $108*!

*Does not include 13% Costa Rican Sales Tax


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