No Hair Man, Please Listen

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

Recently I read up on the theory of cosmic inflation, following a metonymy of dream associations, that lead to the “no hair theorem for black holes”. As I am loyal to following the chain of signifiers that arise in associating to dreams, to find the royal road into the unconscious, I took this theorem personally, not scientifically, as an injunction to follow Shunyamurti’s teaching on the cutting of the rays of the sun God Surya (see video teaching below: The Significance of Easter).

If cosmic inflation leads to no hair, and I want to expand cosmically, I must be willing to cut (my attachment to) my “hair”. [I know that this theory in physics is controversial but I am treating it as a mass of collective unconscious dream symbolism, not as science].

But first, what is this no hair theorem? I am not sure. But this is what wiki says, and it reminded of the work Shunyamurti does with the ashram community: smoothing out our inhomogeneities and anisotrophies (anisotropy = property of being directionally dependent[1])- our dependency on the other, the curvature of our mindspace from trauma, how to inflate ourselves with Shakti and not our ego, eradicate our heavy toxic ego particles and to kill of the narcissistic monopole of the ego that believes it is the center of the universe.

“Cosmological inflation has the important effect of smoothing out inhomo-geneities, anisotropies and the curvature of space. This pushes the Universe into a very simple state, in which it is completely dominated by the inflaton field, the source of the cosmological constant, and the only significant inhomogeneities are the tiny quantum fluctuations in the inflaton. Inflation also dilutes exotic heavy particles, such as the magnetic monopoles predicted by many extensions to the Standard Model of particle physics. If the Universe was only hot enough to form such particles before a period of inflation, they would not be observed in nature, as they would be so rare that it is quite likely that there are none in the observable universe. Together, these effects are called the inflationary “no-hair theorem” by analogy with the no hair theorem for black holes.”[2]

What I read is: first, I must inflate past ego-consciousness, become “hairless”, bodiless, and second, hair is information (see footnote below). Information about what? The night of the Surya teaching Shunyamurti stated that for most people hair is a fetish, one of the ego’s glories that helps it deal with anxiety, and serves as a source of hiding. To cut it off can mean cutting off the way one presents oneself to the other as an object of desire (and desire has many levels, including desiring to look like a saint as well as a sexy girl/woman). Our hair is our defense against the information that has formed the black hole at the center of our ego, can be what defends against our ongoing recognition that the black hole is still there, and provides no real information about the black hole, as the “information” the hair is trying to send out to the other falls continually into the black hole of the ego in a hopeless quest to be something and that information never arrives at oneself. Hair can be like a wig over our despair, or bangs around a bottomless well, or a way to puff ourselves up without becoming cosmically inflated.

These themes of Surya (which I will get to in a moment) and hair came up in the context of a teaching on Lent this year. Shunyamurti emphasized that we best translate our understanding of Lent: a time of repentance and absolution of sins, of turning around one’s life via purification- abstaining from carne, from flesh-oriented living, that should be understood as the Great Lent going on at all times. The Great Lent, he said, refers to the Great Event of our life, the completion of the ego’s crucifixion and resurrection into New Life. We must engage in spiritual preparation for our resurrection, our re-birth, into our final state, which is represented by the risen Christ.

What we must do, he continued, is fill out the missing pieces of religion, the pieces that institutionalized religion has censored out to keep people unaware of their Christ nature, and come to understand that all the original symbol systems have been lost. One of these symbols relates to the cutting of hair, as represented by the Surya myth mentioned above. Surya is the God of the Sun, and he is married to Sanjana (“soul-consciousness”) who complains to her father that he shines too much, he is too bright, and could father please cut some of his rays so she can bear to live with him and not throw him out. Father obliges and cuts the top three rays off of Surya’s head, leaving a black space of a shadow crown (read: black hole, no hair) at the top of his head.

Surya and Sanjana

Shunyamurti continues, explaining that the cutting of the rays of Surya is his willingness to come into the world without the pre-castrated form. The ego itself must be castrated symbolically – enter into social forms and understand their meaning. You can’t, as Shunyamurti said, come in and take over the world; you have to be an apprentice, go through the inner development, and accomplish it with great humility. “It is a clear and disciplined mind that wants to grow and cut back its own desire to shine before it has earned the right to do so, using charisma to exploit and intimidate, and not guide and illuminate. There is too much greed today in being the center of attention, to be a master and teach before you have earned it.”

The beauty of Shunyamurti’s weaving of symbolisms of past myth, degraded religion and current atmanological signpost (here, Surya, the sun/Son/crowned and castrated Christ), is that he manages to show in each one the way out: cut the shining of the ego, and live to see the other side of life. What exactly are we to castrate? The egoic pleasure principle (From Pleasure Principle to Presence Principle, Shunyamurti teaching, May 20, 2017), the essence of our pre-castrated form: “infant’s ego develops around demand and desire for pleasure…the holding onto desiring a pleasurable reality is inherently a longing for infantilism, irresponsibility, non-existence, the womb, the ultimate pleasure of a passive recipient of nourishment and environment, the world the uterus provides to a consciousness that does not need to know anything”. Essentially, Surya, before his haircut, before Father shaves his scalp so that in its place Surya can grow a real crown of glory: the “eclipped” narcissim of childhood creates a lack, a symbolic space and an emptiness that can be filled with recognition of cosmic space. (then, there is no more danger of egoic inflation because one comes to shine as the true sun/Son). 

This was the urge I felt in letting go of the ego’s possibilities for shining: the ever fomenting desire, born in that emptiness of castration, to be Real; the desperate need to learn so much more than I knew and to know from such a deeper place than I have, and to silence the mind and feel the heart come forward as the main object of concern, focused with religious devotion on: am I in a state of utter peace? Am I gentle? Is the heart silent? Am I letting go, at every moment, of everything? And when difficulties seem to arise, do I sit through them, breathe through them with a new kind of sublime passivity until they too, pass? This brings a different kind of internal combustion to the body-mind, a centripetal force that leads to deep concentration and discipline to keep perfecting oneself at every moment and cut all the unmanageable hairs that may sprout from a vain ego wanting one last round of fame, one last dance of narcissistic inflation around the edge of the inner black hole. This egoic inflation from such moments is tantalizing, to rile up the life energy and blow out hot air into the world, bellowing past the depression and gravity of having an identity, and show them, whoever they are, once and for all! I have lived this stardom of revenge chosen over the inner star, that always lead to remorse, superego attack and despair at being enmeshed, once again, with a fantasy other.

With cosmic inflation the universe expands as it heats up, and burns everything in its path. This is what happens to the ego in Sat Yoga: one grows past the infantile ego and burns in tapas. Out of burnt fields, new four leaf clover, new fields of delight: petals of chakra four can emerge from the soil of real humility. Whatever is not purified, stings like hell seen in a clear mirror and this teaching on Surya’s Hair of Shunyamurti’s was the mirror I needed at the precise moment it was delivered. I lived in narcissistic agony over others’ narcissism and suffered narcissistic injury because of narcissistic injury. The pain never seemed to end- and then I realized all I had to do was cut my hair: to flow in love and give up (the feeling of) achievement forever. (Classic narcissistic, pre-castrated-ego trap: feeling I have no love, I become obsessed with achieving, under the guise that “I always fail and need to feel self-love through achievement”). Achievement does not equal love.

At the level of ego, the idea of a perfect sun/Son, as a child, is what capitalism glorifies: don’t castrate (renounce) anything! In our culture, it is everyone’s birth-wrong, it seems, to never escape narcissism, that wants to shine before its time, receive all the gifts under the tree before it is Christ Mass, the mass of my inner Christ. For my generation (X) this feels like the main ill.

I had to face this call to full crucifixion of the infantile ego’s omnipotent rays the night of Shunya’s teaching, that helped this soul get real—real nourishment from living in the Great Lent. I don’t know when the final resurrection will happen, but I am quietly hanging on the cross of aloneness, happily discovering the truth of Buddhist monks: just wash your bowl (don’t blow-dry your hair). The Son followed the Father (cut your hair, be crucified) and created for us the signpost of redemption (your crown of thorns can become the crown of light at chakra 6). This is the way it must be, and I accept it. It is useless to shine as an ego because it is not real. Not being real is what creates agony, not the lack of shining.

What comes in its place: love of mastery, true mastery, that comes from being wiling to do the work, no matter how long it seems to take, and to accept all castration, however apparently humiliating, as the way to save our Sol. Thank you to Shunyamurti for always guiding us to that Real, through Love.


[1] Isotropy is uniformity in all orientations; it is derived from the Greek isos (ἴσος, “equal”) and tropos (τρόπος, “way”). A beautiful way of understanding the liberation in all directions that we are taught in Sat Yoga.

[2] The no-hair theorem postulates that all black holes solutions of the Einstein-Maxwell equations of gravitation and electromagnetism in general relativity can be completely characterized by only three externally observable classical parameters mass, electric charge, and angular momentum. All other information (for which “hair” is a metaphor) about the matter which formed a black hole or is falling into it, “disappears” behind the black-hole event horizon and is therefore permanently inaccessible to external observers. Physicist John Archibald Wheeler expressed this idea with the phrase “black holes have no hair” which was the origin of the name. In a later interview, John Wheeler says that Jacob Bekenstein coined this phrase.The Significance of Easter, Lent and the Myth of Surya and Sanjana


The Significance of Easter, Lent and the Myth of Surya and Sanjana


About the Author 

Radha Ma is the Gyana Director and head of the teaching faculty at the Sat Yoga Ashram. She is the ashram’s first clinical atmanologist, as well as the ashram Musical Director.


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