Ashram Greenhouse ~ January Updates ~ Harvest Experiments

by Hanuman |

This month's harvest report is ripe with the results of all the loving care, attention and patience we cultivate in our greenhouse seva (service). We are so blessed to be able to enjoy and share these blissful and bountiful harvests among our sangha (community) and all of our guests.

Big Beautiful Broccoli

We harvested 42.15kg of broccoli! There were many flowers that grew in perfect shapes and colors, delicately picked at the moment they were most tender and had reached their fullest size.

Papaya Experiment

Our indoor papaya experiment is continuing to unfold. The trees have gotten much taller and are beginning to form flowers!

Espinaca Real

After months and months of patiently waiting, the Espinaca Real seeds finally began to germinate, which we have observed takes about 4 weeks. We can now confidently save seeds from our plants and do a weekly seeding to maintain a set number of plants.

Native Chile Dulce

Our stellar, native Chile Dulce patch, which produced very well this year (54.8kg in 2019), has finished its life cycle and is ready to be replaced. It did very well under the awning on the south side of Al-Kauthar.

Wild Lifeforms

These lovely mushrooms occasionally pop up in and around the growing beds.

There are always such interesting life forms appearing in this dream!

Short Cycle Workforce and Workspace

The Short Cycle team is regularly expanding! This month, we welcomed Annette, who teamed up with Yannick for transplanting, and Kalki has been continuing to help out regularly during the week. We also welcomed Katrina, and Ashram Immersion students, Ian, and Kenyatta!

The entire Premaculture team joined forces to implement the renowned 5S organizational system in Karmashala, our multi-functional workspace.

  • We removed and cleaned every single item

  • Gave the entire structure a fresh coat of paint

  • Redesigned and reorganized many of the processes and workspaces

  • Gave every item a home with labels and signs

Before and After:

The next phase of the 5S process will require us to implement standards and protocols to continue to improve the way this space is used and help us to maintain the level of cleanliness and order we’ve reached.

We are excited to continue to explore, experiment, and participate in the great world of plants in 2020!  As the outdoor spaces dry out, our 2020 Seed Saving extravaganza will be in full swing...



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