An Introduction to the Teachings of Sat Yoga

The Science and Art of Self-realization

Shunyamurti describes Sat Yoga as the science and art of the Supreme Self-Realization. The teachings are offered to help one get out of suffering, claim one’s power, and serve God, and by facing the unbearable truths of the ego and entering into the Emptiness, we conquer Maya and are given the right to be co-dreamers of this dream as our dream of a Kingdom of Heaven. 

Monthly Teachings

Curated and exclusive

Every month we add three teachings to our public Wisdom Library; two full talks and a Questions and Answers from Satsang with Shunyamurti. These videos are not available on YouTube and offer a glimpse into our Members Library.

Ready to go deeper? Our Members Section includes:

Members Library

Every month the wisdom library is updated with four never before available talks. Each teaching is made available in video and audio format and includes a full transcript of the teaching.

Meditation Portal

Whether you are an experienced meditator, or just discovering the practice of presence, enjoy Shunyamurti's guided meditations, and practical tools to over come the obstacles to meditation.

Members Archive

For over ten years, we have been meticulously archiving Shunyamurti's audio, video, and written teachings. For the first time, they are being made available in a searchable archive, unavailable anywhere else.

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