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The Science and Art of Self-realization

If you resonate with the teachings of Shunyamurti, join a global online community of revolutionary spiritual seekers who are undertaking advanced training with a living teacher.

A Treasure Trove of Timeless Wisdom

Welcome to the online home of Shunyamurti’s teachings. If you have been enriched by the many astonishing videos and audios available on YouTube and PodBean and are now ready to delve more deeply and systematically into the science and art of Sat Yoga, join a dynamic, global group of students undertaking the adventure to Self-realization.

Becoming a member

Our Member's pages are expanded monthly with advanced new offerings, questions and answers, and bonus material, unavailable anywhere else. Member's also gain unlimited access to an extensive archive of Shunya’s essential teachings as well as a meditation portal that includes guided meditations.

Shunyamurti will help you:


Respond to life with a joyous attitude

These inspiring insights offer a delightful and simple approach to free ourselves from pain—whether our suffering takes the form of depression, anxiety, addiction, compulsion, loneliness, insecurity, self-sabotage, or immature behavior. By listening to the words of wisdom and power delivered with spiritual authority by Shunyamurti, you will find yourself more relaxed, centered, and able to face your day with peace of mind, clarity of purpose, resilience, and enduring serenity.


Understand the State of the World 

Shunyamurti’s comprehension of the precarious state of the world offers practical pointers to navigate our way through life with greater accuracy and ability to thrive, even when situations look dark. You will learn to think outside the box and find innovative solutions to all problems—including those of planetary scope.​

Achieve Self-realization

These penetrating discourses break through our superficial thinking and awaken us to our Deep Self. They reveal the secrets of enlightenment. When you assimilate this information, you will find yourself having entered the luminous core of consciousness, filled with euphoric power, love, and wisdom.​

Monthly Teachings

Curated and exclusive

Every month we update our public Wisdom Library. These videos are not all available on YouTube and offer a glimpse into our Members Library.

Ready to go deeper? Our Members Section includes:

Members Library

Every week the wisdom library is updated with a never before available talk. Each teaching is made available in video and audio format and includes a full transcript of the teaching.

Guided Meditations

Whether you are an experienced meditator, or just discovering the practice of presence, enjoy Shunyamurti's guided meditations, and practical tools to over come the obstacles to meditation.

Members Archive

For over twelve years, we have been meticulously archiving Shunyamurti's audio, video, and written teachings. For the first time, they are being made available in a searchable archive, unavailable anywhere else.

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