Spiritual retreats

An advanced transformational retreat with Shunyamurti

Accelerate Your Spiritual Awakening

Receive the inspired transmissions of Shunyamurti that have the uncanny power to free your mind and heart from all their painful fixations and to activate your imagination to dream a life of ultimate fulfillment.

A seven-day retreat with Shunyamurti is the rare gift of the demolition of delusion and the offering of an open portal to freedom. These events are the highlights of Sat Yoga Ashram's yearly calendar.


Shunyamurti’s potent brew of explosive teachings, shimmering shakti transmission, and transformational

guidance is sweet medicine for any soul longing to regain the joy of abidance in the silent luminous love of the Blissful Self.


Each retreat is an authentic rite of passage, conducted in an energy field infused with the sacred vibrations of healing power of the Real.

Every Spiritual Retreat includes

  • 7 days/6 nights

  • Accommodations in our charming cabins (bhavans)

  • Delicious vegetarian meals with ingredients from our organic gardens

  • Morning yoga and pranayama practice

  • Time for walks in the beautiful natural setting of the ashram

  • Three daily formal meditation sittings

  • Wisdom classes with Shunyamurti

  • Sacred satsang gatherings. Shunya will be offering the opportunity to ask questions and receive guidance throughout this retreat. 


$1700 International

Costa Rican residents please inquire for local rate


Your contribution includes 6 nights shared accommodations in one of our delightful cabins, all meals, and activities during your stay. 


Shared rooms accommodate two to three persons. Bathrooms are shared with a maximum of four others. 

Private rooms are available for a supplement of $75.

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The Offering

Intensive Purification

Remove the inner demons and weaknesses forever and achieve full mastery over the mind. Shunyamurti will guide you to overcome obsolete conditionings, to release psychosomatic symptoms, drop addictions and compulsions, melt away fears and anxieties, eliminate negative self-images, and change immature behavior patterns. 

These week-long intensives offer a distillation of intoxicating wisdom that will accelerate your spiritual development. These subtle concepts will clarify the inconceivable and increase your capacity to absorb information that both exhilarates and liberates. For those who are ready to be electrified, the thrill of a lifetime—the shock of Self Realization—awaits.

An ashram encounter

An ashram is the most ancient and sacred archetypal form of community. It is a school, a monastery, a refuge for Spirit to flourish, a pilgrimage center in which the highest wisdom is offered and the most sublime values are lived and shared with all. Meditate with a group of dedicated yogis working toward ego transcendence and planetary healing. Experience the power of communion and encounter fellow light-bringers who will encourage you on your path. 

Transformational processes

Encounter your hidden talents and creative resources. Participate in all the healing arts we offer here, from creative writing to visual expression, from sacred music and movement to drama therapy and theater games, every retreat includes some or all of these as a means to heal, and as an opportunity to express the secret yearnings of our souls.


The Majesty of Nature

Experience the glorious beauty of the misty mountains, forests, rivers, and gardens. Enjoy delectable vegetarian meals, mostly grown in our organic gardens, and prepared three times daily in our ashram kitchen.


Heart opening encounters

Let your heart be opened by the goodness you encounter here, especially by our community of kind and inspiring beings. Let your mind be liberated by Shunyamurti's wisdom, and by the vital energy emanating from our environment and maximized in our meditation gatherings.

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Retreat Testimonials

What is a Retreat at the Sat Yoga Ashram Like?

Meeting with Shunyamurti was like coming home to myself. It was a very calm and totally transformative experience. There was recognition.


I don't think I've ever been in a group with such an authentically loving and heartfelt connection. I'm very touched by how true it feels. It's not an act you put on. It comes from a place of deep intention.

Beata, Sweden

Upcoming Spiritual Retreats

with Shunyamurti


Dec 29, 2018 – Jan 4, 2019

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New Year Shunyamurti Retreat

Shortcut to Shiva - Time for the Tandava

Jul 20 - 26, 2019

Seven Day Shunyamurti Retreat 

Inspired transmissions to free your mind and heart

Take your time to transition...

Extending your stay at the ashram


A retreat led by Shunyamurti is an intense and profound transformational process. If you would like to maximize the benefits of your stay at the Sat Yoga Ashram, perhaps to be able to meet Shunya for a one-to-one healing session, or just to take your time to reflect and assimilate before facing the culture shock of a world you had left behind, consider extending your stay a few days longer…

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