Silent Retreats

Silent retreats with Shunyamurti

Heal your heart with silence and satsang.

Leap into a new frame of reference, as the Silence within and without re-orients and heals your heart. Take an inner journey beyond the bounds of chaos and the event horizon of the ego, into a new world of timeless beauty.

A Tribal Gathering in Silence

Our silent  retreats grew out of a yearly practice of closing our doors during the rainiest month of the year to be in silence and meditation.  Rainy season retreats were established by the Buddha as yearly imperatives for serious yogis to attend, to attain the final Liberation.  In the past, our sangha kept these retreats limited to close members of the tribe, but we are opening them, so the benefits of these advanced teachings and powerful energies can reach farther afield.

Satsang: Communal Resonance With Truth and Love

Shunyamurti leads numerous satsangs (meditative meetings in which the highest teachings are shared) during these magical days, to give every participant the opportunity to drop all facades and become vulnerable enough to ask the deepest questions about issues that have plagued their lives.  Here they will receive deeper and more poignant and life-altering answers than were imagined possible.

The Offering


Advanced Practice of Meditation and Silence

Cultivate the sovereignty of inner and outer silence throughout the day and night, including at three formal daily meditation sittings.


Meditation—or "Quantumplation" as Shunyamurti now prefers to call it—is nothing less than the immediate and effortless transcendence of the ego, based on radical nondual insight that Shunya transmits. Through disidentifying from the mind, its narratives self-dissipate and pure awareness fills the consciousness with the clear light of Presence. 

Restoration of Balance and Vitality​

Be immersed in a field of energy that will re-balance your pranic  flow, open your chakras, restore cellular harmony, and release all traces of stress. Daily yoga and pranayama practice will refill your reservoirs of vital strength and refresh your potencies of resilience. You will enjoy the healthful and delicious vegetarian meals prepared in Ruchira, our ashram kitchen, with mindful loving and skilled culinary attention, using the finest ingredients sourced from our ashram fields and local farmers markets.​

Healing and Reflection

Nurture your Being in our haven of serenity, ease, and quiet joy. Walk on shady country lanes and garden paths and gaze upon the green hills and infinite vistas of exquisite natural surroundings; hike to waterfalls and dip in pools of refreshing clean clear water; reflect and journal in the many sacred spots with comfortable places to sit and meditate in the pristine environment of our Ashram, that has been designed with your well being in mind.

Learn more about staying at the ashram, including food, accommodations, and our community:

What is a Silent Retreat with Shunyamurti Like?

I started to feel real, powerful warmth in my heart when I was meditating in the group. The atmosphere here with everyone is very healing. I'm very pleased with my time here, and I'm pleased to find out what's ahead.

Oliver, England

Every Silent Retreat includes

  • 7 days/6 nights

  • Accommodations in our charming cabins (bhavans)

  • Delicious vegetarian meals with ingredients from our organic gardens

  • Morning yoga and pranayama practice

  • Time for walks in the beautiful natural setting of the ashram

  • Three daily formal meditation sittings

  • Daily Wisdom Classes with Shunyamurti

  • Sacred Satsang gatherings. Shunya will be offering the opportunity to ask questions and receive guidance throughout this retreat. 


$1700 International

Costa Rican residents please inquire for local rate


Your contribution includes 8 nights shared accommodations in one of our delightful cabins, all meals, and activities during your stay. 


Shared rooms accommodate two to three persons. Bathrooms are shared with a maximum of four others. 

Private rooms are available for a supplement of $75.

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Upcoming Silent Retreats

with Shunyamurti


Apr 13 - 20, 2019

Silent Shunyamurti Retreat 

Take an inner journey into a new world of timeless beauty

Take your time to transition...

Extending your stay at the ashram


A retreat led by Shunyamurti is an intense and profound transformational process. If you would like to maximize the benefits of your stay at the Sat Yoga Ashram, perhaps to be able to meet Shunya for a one-to-one healing session, or just to take your time to reflect and assimilate before facing the culture shock of a world you had left behind, consider extending your stay a few days longer…

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