Silent Meditation Retreats

7-day silent meditation retreat with Shunyamurti

Heal your heart with silence and meditation

Reawaken to the beauty of authentic presence.

Silence and Meditation

Be immersed in a way of being that is truly balanced, and connected to the beauty and sacredness of every moment. Nurture and heal your inner Being in an energy field of serenity, joy, and silence. 

Deepen your spiritual practice with three daily formal meditation sittings. Extinguish the noise and chaos of the chattering mind and allow the sublime reality of Infinite Peace to unfold within.

Spiritual Guidance

During Shunyamurti Silent Retreats—the external silence is only broken during extraordinary classes filled with ego-dissolving teachings and vibrational frequencies that melt the heart’s defenses. Drop all facades and become vulnerable enough to ask the deepest questions about issues that have been on your heart and mind. Here you will receive the life-altering answers that you were always searching for.

If you wish to cultivate the practice of silence and meditation while still being in community and enjoying sacred satsang then this retreat is for you. 

The power of Meditation and Silence

Silent Retreats with Shunyamurti focus on establishing attention in the innermost core of pure silence and stillness. There will be extended periods of silent meditation in this retreat and fewer activities of other kinds. But there will be walking meditation, asanas, pranayamas, and time for journaling and being out in Nature. The focus will be attention to the Infinite Beauty of all that is. 

Dive into the purity of silence 

The goal of Sat Yoga is permanent establishment in Absolute Consciousness. This is simply achieved through the elimination of the narrative chatter of the ego. This resolves all forms of emotional instability, ends unwanted habit patterns, and dissolves all suffering. It strengthens the body’s electromagnetic energy field and heals illness and fatigue. This is the shortest and quickest path to inner freedom and happiness.

$1700 / Seven-days*

*Costa Rican Residents please inquire for local prices

Nestled in the misty mountains of Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast, the Sat Yoga Ashram is an oasis of beauty and peace where you can experience an energy field of joy and silence.

Experience the majesty of nature and enjoy mouth-watering vegetarian meals, mostly grown in our organic gardens, and prepared three times daily in our ashram kitchen.

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