Altruistic Service of Nature, Community, Humanity, and God

A life-changing experience

of personal transformation

The Sat Yoga Ashram Sevadhari program is for mature, humble, and generous souls seeking an intensive period of rigorous and authentic yogic training in a dedicated spiritual community

Deepen and accelerate your psycho-spiritual growth while helping to build a strong visionary community dedicated to inner transformation, cultural renaissance, and provide a model of a practical solution to the world’s current problems, from the climatic changes to the political turmoil and social malaise.

If you are serious about raising your kundalini while simultaneously growing food and serving the community

and our benevolent goals with innovative and creative thought, mindful attention to details of work assignments, and if you are willing to do intensive inner work along with the outer—and you desire to offer the world an alternative to the current collapsing model of civilization—then come and immerse yourself for an extended period at the Sat Yoga Ashram in our Sevadhari program.

This work/study curriculum is open to all visitors who have successfully

completed our Four Week Immersion Program.  

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What should I expect?

Seva (service) mixed with Study

A sevadhari is a giver, a server of God, a seeker of Truth, who is inspired to live for an extended period of open-hearted assistance and full participation in a transformational community, while engaging in ceaseless inner work, study of the science of consciousness, and practice of meditation.

A sevadhari attends all community classes and activities, including individual transformation sessions, while fulfilling a part-time work schedule that allows ample free time for reflection, meditation, creative expression, and enjoyment of Nature, while gaining the exquisite delight of egoless practice of karma yoga.

The Joy of Community

The Sat Yoga Ashram is now home to 25 permanent residents who are disciples and leaders of our spiritual order, and who form the core of our growing community. As a sevadhari, you will be integrated into this monastic confraternity, and feel a part of its intense energy field and super-organismic power.   A deep sense of being a member of a genuine family of mature, wise, and benevolent souls makes the experience at Sat Yoga intimate and enriching, a rite of passage into the emergence of a new and truer sense of Self. 


Daily Life

We understand that each being comes with a unique set of attitudes, skills, life experiences, and particular goals for his or her stay at the ashram. Thus, each sevadhari will be offered a program that is designed to best suit both the visitor and the ashram. Specifics of scheduling and work placement are explained upon arrival, but are subject to modification. In general, a sevadhari will work from three to five hours per day in areas of daily ashram operations, such as food preparation, cleaning, gardening, tree care, crop harvesting, and general maintenance. Those with special skills in other areas will be able to employ them here in creative ways as well.

Sevadharis are privileged to participate in our daily classes in the early morning and evenings as well as any other general gatherings (retreats, Quantumplation Weekends, or other special events) happening during their stay. 

Learn more about staying at the ashram, including food, accommodations, and our community:

Variable Duration of Stay

After fulfilling the prerequisites (see below), an applicant can apply to become a sevadhari for one to three months. In some instances, we may consider a longer or shorter stay. 

At the end of each month, we will have an evaluation meeting and determine if any modifications would enhance the program. If it becomes clear that one cannot manage the schedule or follow the dharma (the principles of ethical behavior) or does not resonate with our quietistic way of life, or if for any other reason, the program is not working for either the visitor or the sangha (spiritual community), then the agreement may be terminated, and the visitor asked to leave.

Sample Daily Schedule:

  • 4:00am   – Community morning meditation 

  • 5:00am   – Personal time: exercise, read, meditate

  • 7:00am   – Karma Yoga (communal service) 

  • 8:00am   – Breakfast

  • 8:35am   – Karma Yoga (communal service)

  • 1:00pm   – 1:45pm – Lunch

  • 1:45pm   – Clean up and chores

  • 2:30pm   – Personal time

  • 5:30pm   – Evening meditation or class

  • 7:00pm   – 7:30pm –  Dinner

  • 9:00pm  –  Lights Out

Before you apply...

Preconditions for applicants:

  • Completion of a one-month Ashram Immersion Program. Once you have completed this program, you may contact our Visit Coordinator about how to take the next steps to becoming a sevadhari.

  • A sincere interest to deepen your spiritual transformation through meditation, processing and inner work and study, and a deep resonance with the Sat Yoga Ashram and way of life.

  • Physical, mental, and emotional stability and fortitude and a genuine desire to practice a less egocentric mode of living. 

  • A commitment to uphold our Ashram Guidelines.

  • A commitment to work approximately 20 – 30 hours a week six days a week, plus one hour on Sundays. The number of hours of work is correlated with the cost of the program.


Each sevadhari will:

  • Attend weekly check-in meetings with the program coordinator.

  • Stay in shared accommodations.

  • The ability to adapt to our diet which is strictly vegetarian, with some gluten free and vegan options available. Although we try to meet specific dietary needs and preferences, there are limits to our ability to provide special meals.

  • Need to have sufficient financial resources to cover your personal needs (including insurance, medical care costs, transportation to and from the ashram, and visa costs if coming from another country) plus session fees for the duration of your stay.

  • Agree to attend transformational healing (Atmanology) sessions. Please note that these have a separate fee. The frequency of sessions will be discussed with you in person upon arrival, and perhaps modified after the initial meeting.

  • Be at least 18 years old by your prospective date of arrival.

Every Sevadhari Program includes

  • All retreats during the duration of your stay.

  • Accommodations in our charming cabins (bhavans)

  • Wholesome vegetarian meals with ingredients from our organic gardens.

  • Morning yoga practice.

  • Time for walks in the beautiful natural setting of the ashram.

  • 4:00 am meditation sittings.

  • Ongoing Gyana (Science of Consciousness) classes.

  • 20 - 30 weekly hours of Karma Yoga.

  • Full participation in community life.


The Seva Dhari extension program is only open to those who have completed the month-long Immersion Program. The program is tailored to each participant. We would be happy to discuss Seva Dhari opportunities and pricing with you once you have completed the first two weeks of your Immersion Program.

Please follow the link to the Immersion Program page to apply for that program. 

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