October 20 – November 1, 2018

Sangha Rainy Month Retreat

A two-week annual meditation intensive with the Sat Yoga community

This event is now over. Please visit our calendar

About the Event

Every October, our ashram closes its doors to the public, and for two weeks we enter into deep meditation and subtle levels of inner work in our annual sangha retreat. Predating the time of Buddha, the tradition of yogis gathering for intensive meditation retreats has been observed by ashrams and monastic orders in India and other parts of the world that experience prolonged (monsoon) rainy seasons.

The Arunachala Rainy Season Retreat is an especially sacred time for our community. We hold three extended silent meditation sittings each day; we perform our seva in friendly meditative silence, and enjoy simple, light meals in order to focus all of our attention on attaining the innermost core of Pure Supreme Presence. In a world becoming ever more chaotic, it is a precious privilege to be able to gather for an advanced two-week intensive meditation retreat.

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