The Transformational Imperative makes clear the underlying reasons for the current crises that are afflicting individuals, families, social institutions, the global economy, and the biological and geophysical conditions of our planet. This extraordinary book of essays is an introduction to a vast body of knowledge known as Sat Yoga, an ancient yet radically new spiritual path designed specifically to guide humanity into the next great chapter of our evolutionary adventure. Shunyamurti, an adept teacher of the art and science of self-transformation, offers a profound vision of our potential future, and shows the way to make it happen.


Praise for The Transformational Imperative:

“If you found value in Tolle’s work, “The Power of Now” and “A New Earth,” I believe Shunyamurti’s book is the icing on the cake for those of us that are on this path and seek guidance from a true Teacher.” Margaret Merritt – (Published on


“If you’re interested in change, internal transformation, or external transformation, this book is for you. From the personal to the community to the country to the global community and back again this is the ultimate guidebook…”  ~ J’Anath – (Published on


“I love this book because it is thoroughly well researched and applicable to our life here and now. It is written with enormous clarity and that makes it easy for me to read and absorb. I recommend it to anyone who is a seriously committed human being – seriously committed to being here now in this form.” ~ Tamara Callea – (Published on




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The Transformational Imperative (e-Book)