Shunyamurti Reads the Avadhuta Gita


In this exquisite collection of five morning teachings, Shunyamurti reads from and gives commentary on one of the most beautiful, poetic and important texts of Advaita.


Track 1: (24:22)

In this opening teaching, Shunyamurti explains what an avadhuta is, and provides commentary on each verse, including themes of: grace, nonduality, transcending the mind, emotional equanimity, and ego transcendence, among others.


Track 2: (21:38)
Shunyamurti continues commenting on the Avadhuta Gita, commenting on withdrawing consciousness from the sensory realm, not stopping at the Symbolic register (which is a dead-end), the paradox involved in Self-Realization, and the teleological realization that Liberation has already been chosen and you are simply pretending that you are not Liberated.


Track 3: (26:28)
Reading from two different translations and discusses themes including: God can never be an object of knowledge; claiming/reclaiming your power (not projecting your power outside of yourself or on an other); how the Emptiness is also Fullness; the nonduality of duality and nonduality (including a mention of Achintya Bhedhabheda); the Path of Smoke and the Path of Light; and how to create Sat Yuga.


Track 4: (21:22)
Commenting on themes such as: going beyond language and the impossibility of reaching the Self through two-valued logic; transcending the categories of time and space; and how the Atman is not reached through any process but is only realized in the here and now.


Track 5: (18:19)

Shunyamurti concludes his readings from the Avadhuta Gita.


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Shunyamurti reads the Avadhuta Gita (Audio)