With a forward by Shunyamurti and filled with 48 of Radha Ma’s most loved and celebrated recipes of vegetarian gourmet cuisine, many of which have filled the banquet tables of Sat Yoga’s satsangs for well over a decade.


What is a renaissance recipe?

It is the embodiment of joy and the art of celebration. They offer intensity, signifiers of culture, human traditions of bonding with goodness, with the life drive, with the grace of giving. They offer manifestations of abundance, concentrations of flavor that make one come alive, simple yet multi-layered blending of color, texture, and alchemical nutrients: appropriate menus for the great banquet of life!


Radha Ma is not into converting anyone into following some dogma about eating. She has found her own way through the miasma of disputes between feasting and fasting; vegetarians versus vegans; raw foodists versus cookers; fruitarians trumped by breatharians. This book is for people who have transcended such concerns and are more focused on the spirit in which food is cooked and eaten. Who are we that are doing the cooking? What is the Self? To Whom is the food offered? Is the meal received with gratitude? These are the core questions with which Sat Yoga is concerned. 


Praise for Radha Ma’s Recipes for a New Sat Renaissance:


“Radha Ma’s cuisine is a miracle of exotic flavors, colors, aromas, and healthful combinations of nourishing and fulfilling foods never before known in Costa Rica. Her well-designed meals and artistically plated dishes provide an ultimate culinary experience no gourmet should miss.” 

~ Rodrigo Arias Sanchez, former Minister of the Presidency, Costa Rica, in the Oscar Arias Administration


“Radha Ma daringly explores not only new combinations of ingredients, flavors and textures, but integrates all the senses. I didn’t know beauty, truth, and deliciousness could be eaten together. In her dishes I can almost hear great opera, can feel angels being born within, with each bite.” ~ Raquel Rojas, vegetarian chef and restaurant owner, San Jose, Costa Rica


In the last dozen years I have experienced, on many resplendent occasions, Radha Ma’s spiritual cooking, which always reminded me of Ambrosia, synonymous with the mythical food of Greek gods.” ~ Svetislav Jaques Kadic, former Maitre d’, Ernie’s restaurant, San Francisco






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Radha Ma’s Recipes for a New Sat Renaissance

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