Healing with Truth

The complete set of audio and video recordings from the Healing with Truth Retreat, Sat Yoga Ashram, April 2017 (These recordings were made live and at times the quality may vary.)


Complete set of 14 Satsang recordings available as video to stream and downloadable audio mp3:


Session One: The Ultimate Force for Healing: Truth

Session Two: Ground Zero: Explosion Into Enlightenment 

Session Three: Stage One Meditation: Stabilize in Stillness

Session Four: Stage One Meditation: Entry into Shunyata

Session Five: The Fundament of Being

Session Six: Meditation Stage Two: Trans-Zen-Dance

Session Seven: You Got Nothing to Lose

Session Eight: Restoring Our Planetary Energy Field

Session Nine: You Can’t Be Half Liberated

Session Ten: The Hidden Power of Thought Crystals

Session Eleven: The Zircon Sutra

Session Twelve: Why Miss Out on the Magic?

Session Thirteen: (Yagya) The Sacred Fire that Annihilates All Suffering + audio guided meditation

Session Fourteen: The Ultimate Secret: The Ajata Doctrine


This complete package is available for just $108*!

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Once purchased, you will receive a PDF guide including the link and passwords to the retreat website, where you will be able to watch all the classes, listen and download the audio.


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Healing with Truth Retreat