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It is time to face the implications of our arrival at the historic moment of witnessing the death throes of our planetary civilization. We understand that there is no solution on the social or political level. Our only rational hope is for a large-scale shift of human consciousness to a higher level—a much higher level.


Is such a spiritual revolution possible? What is the science behind it? How to attain the egoless presence that is the Buddha Mind (or Christ consciousness, Paramatman, Allah, or whatever term you prefer)? Is sudden enlightenment really possible? Can we shed the ego like a snake sheds its outgrown skin? The sages say we are designed for just that.


This complete retreat package includes:

❁ Over 15 hours of video and audio

❁ 2 Powerful guided meditations

❁ Teachings, including seminars and satsangs

❁ Questions and Answers with Shunyamurti


If you wish to accelerate your metamorphosis, and reach the coherence of infinite intelligence, and disseminate the vibratory wave function that will soon manifest a more beautiful and harmonious holographic field, then this retreat will be of great interest to you.​


Retreat Teaching Sample


Table of Contents of this Retreat:
Session 1 - The Corona Retreat: Developing Global Immunity to the Ego Pandemic

Video Teaching 1:15:33

Session 2 - Burn the Ego Crocodile! Let the Phoenix Rise!

Video Teaching: 1:02:23

Session 3 - Emptiness is Non-Difference: The Principle of Sameness

Video Teaching: 1:28:26

Session 4 - The Blissful Sameness of Anandamayi Ma

Video Teaching: 1:19:49

Session 5 - Awakening, Illumination, Liberation: The Natural Unfoldment of Our Destiny;

Video Teaching: 1:25:07

Session 6 - Shiv, Zero, and Infinite Expanse: The Diamond of Cosmic Manifestation

Video Teaching: 1:11:25

Session 7 - Buddha/Bodhisattva: The Nonduality of Duality and Nonduality;

Video Teaching Length: 1:16:26

Session 8 - Moses the Shaman, Christ the Medicine Buddha, and the True Meaning of Holy Week;

Video Teaching: 1:15:28

Session 9 - The Philosophy of Love & The Gnost-algic Return to the Nest

Video Teaching: 1:11:51

Session 10 - The Return to Truth, the Re-Birth of Cosmic Beauty

Video Teaching Length: 1:56:43


Once purchased you will receive a PDF guide including the link and passwords to the retreat website, where you will be able to watch all the classes, listen and download the audio.


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Corona Retreat: Awakening in a Dying World

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