Join the supreme adventure and experience your highest Self. Know the joy of co-creating the triumph of goodness in the form of the installation of a new divine order (Dharma) on our planet, wielding the power that restores Nature, avataric culture, and unitary cosmic consciousness to their original parameters of absolute purity, infinite intelligence, and bliss.


This complete retreat package includes:

❁ Over 15 hours of video and audio

❁ 5 Powerful guided meditations

❁ Teachings, including morning wisdom classes, seminars and satsangs

❁ Questions and Answers with Shunyamurti


Retreat Teaching Sample


Table of Contents of this Retreat:
Session 1 - The 7 Stages of Soul Development

Video Teaching 1:12:26

Session 2 - The One Enemy of the Spiritual Revolutionary

Video Teaching: 0:25:45

Session 3 - How the Ego Went Bankrupt: The Double Debt Drive

Video Teaching: 1:09:35

Guided Meditation (Pre-session 4)

Audio Length: 0:27:57

Session 4 - The Invaginated Hologram

Video Teaching: 1:02:40

Session 5 - Shunyamurti Explains the Structure of Time

Video Teaching: 1:30:31

Session 6 - The Ego is Born Out of Distrust

Video Teaching: 0:28:43

Guided Meditation (Pre-session 7)

Audio Length: 0:23:20

Session 7 - Questions & Answers with Shunyamurti

Video Teaching Length: 1:05:35

Guided Meditation with Live Bowls

Audio Length: 0:42:35

Session 8 - Questions and Answers

Video Teaching: 0:26:25

Session 9 - New Years Day Morning Teaching

Video Teaching: 0:21:12

Guided Meditation (Pre-session 10)

Audio Length: 0:41:56

Session 10 - Questions & Answers with Shunyamurti

Video Teaching Length: 0:13:39

Session 11 - Goodness, Obedience, and Free Will: Becoming An Angel

Video Teaching Length: 1:28:46

Session 12 - The History of Buddhism: From Nonduality to Worship

Video Teaching: 0:13:39

Session 13 - The 7 Axioms of Spiritual Revolution

Video Teaching: 1:15:50

Guided Meditation (Pre-session 14)

Audio Length: 0:25:37

Session 14 - Questions & Answers with Shunyamurti

Video Teaching: 1:15:50

Session 15 - Closing Class

Video Teaching: 0:34:23


Once purchased you will receive a PDF guide including the link and passwords to the retreat website, where you will be able to watch all the classes, listen and download the audio.


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