The Basis of White Magic ~ Questions & Answers with Shunyamurti

"Magic is the application of meditation. It is the harnessing of divine energy, of Shakti, to transform the future." Shunyamurti

“Ancient civilizations were filled with tremendous wisdom and power - Ancient Egypt, Atlantis, Lumeria - these civilizations were the last civilizations that were still able to use magic. Magic is Maya, it’s the illusion. But when you are master over the illusion, you can use the illusion to bring great joy.” 

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Join Shunyamurti and the Sat Yoga community for five days and four nights in our magical spiritual refuge, an oasis of peace and natural beauty. 

Learn how to use meditation to access the magic of your own spiritual power.

Deepen your meditation practice and gain mastery over Maya, the cosmic illusion. Activate higher degrees of consciousness and bliss.

This practice-oriented retreat includes:

✵A combination of silent and guided meditations

✵Profound teachings on the forms and applications of magic through meditation

✵Question and answer sessions with Shunyamurti

In addition, enjoy sunrise yoga practice, pranayamas, delicious and nutritious vegan meals with ingredients from our organic gardens.

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