What is Real?

In this video teaching, Shunyamurti explains that in order to get out of the illusion, we must first realize that it is an illusion.


"It is claimed to the effect, “Seek and thou shall find.” The truth is, if you seek you will not find.

And those who recognize that their seeking just creates more seeking, will eventually realize that they must leave behind the exoteric path, that they may have become very attached to, because it has all kinds of apparatuses you can enjoy—rituals and rosaries, and candles you can light, and masses you can attend, and moon dances, and ceremonies of all kinds, and exotic substances you can take to alter your state of consciousness temporarily—etcetera etcetera.

You can do all kinds of things in the exoteric path and have a lot of fun, but what you won’t achieve is liberation from the illusion. Because you are, in effect, making the choice to enjoy the illusion.

Now, when someone gets serious and wants to get out of the illusion, they have to realize that it is an illusion. And once you realize that it is an illusion, then the portal to the esoteric—I won’t even call it a pathway because there is no path—it’s simply a realization, it’s instantaneous. Because the ego, being illusory, being unreal, does not exist, and therefore whatever tendencies it has, whatever impurities, whatever narratives, whatever sins it has committed, whatever its signifiers are, whatever its self-image might be—it is simply a fantasy."

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