Overcoming the Ego’s Traumas: How to Achieve Ultimate Healing

In this extraordinary video seminar, taken from the recent Ramana Maharshi’s Revelation of Liberating Truth retreat. Learn about Sri Ramana’s concept of the Chit-Jada-Granthi, the two types of trauma: shock trauma and developmental trauma and The Seven Dominoes of the Double Death Drive.

Stream or download the audio:

In this spectacular retreat, Shunyamurti shatters all convention and offers inspiring and empowering teachings that take off from the timeless wisdom of Sri Ramana Maharshi   The complete retreat package includes: ❁ Over 6 hours of video teachings, including morning wisdom classes and seminars with Shunyamurti  ❁ Over 9 hours of audio, including teachings, guided meditations and Questions & Answer sessions ❁ Full PDF transcripts of every teaching   Topics covered: ✵ Who’s on First? Ramana's (Baseball) Diamond Mind ✵ Surrendering the Weapon of the Mind ✵ Your Ontology Will Determine Your Psychology ✵ Ramana’s Painful Separation from Shiva ✵ Mastering the Three Systems of Consciousness ✵ The 7 Dominoes of the Double Death Drive ✵ Polyvagal Re-Programming ✵ Theo-Cosmo-Poetics of Liberation ✵ The Shift From Doing to Being ✵ Becoming Avatars: Alchemical Fruition ✵ Return of the Magi ✵ Rebirth into the Infinite

This complete package is available for just $108*!

*Does not include 13% Costa Rican Sales Tax

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