The Secret of Our Technique

An Ashram visitor recently wrote to Shunyamurti after his departure: “I'm having a lot of trouble meditating with your guys technique lately…Do you have any advice for me?”

In response to the question, and in order to clear up any misunderstandings, Shunyamurti invites us to consider the following:


This is not “your guys technique.” This is the approach taught by liberated sages from all lineages since the beginning of time. It is embedded in what has been called the Perennial Philosophy. It is the core teaching of esoteric Buddhism, mystical Christianity, and Taoism, to name a few, in addition to Advaita Vedanta, which is its currently most well-known form in the West.


All other techniques prove to be preliminary to this approach. This approach is not a technique. It is a Self-determined realization.


The approach is simple: focus all attention on the Source and Cause of consciousness. Do not divert attention toward any sensory or mental objects. Do not theorize about what you are doing. Do not attempt a meta-commentary. Remain focused on the Source/Cause of consciousness until the focusing is absorbed into the Focused. Voila.


There is no process, no objects to focus on (since the Cause of consciousness is not and cannot ever be an object in consciousness), and all that falls away is the illusion of a someone focusing on a something.


The reason you are having difficulty is that there are competing nodes of consciousness within your ego structure (which is a complex mental object that has usurped your mode of conscious functioning) which resist your continuing use of this approach because it will result in all of them being re-absorbed into the Cause of consciousness and thus ceasing to exist.


This brings us to the issue of overcoming of resistance, which is a completely separate issue from the approach. The approach works. But the ego will refuse to allow you to focus your attention long enough on the Cause to dissolve the resisting nodes of consciousness. The solution is to recognize that the resisting nodes of consciousness and the ego itself are mind viruses that have taken over your mind. To free yourself from them, you need only realize they are not the real you. You are the Source and Cause of consciousness.


Sustaining that Self-determined realization brings unconditional freedom.

I hope that is useful information.



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