The Power of Healing:

Silence and the Sword of Truth

This year, the ashram hired an additional group of short-term workers to provide support in various projects. During this period, one such worker, Roberto, embarked on an unexpected journey of healing and transformation, working closely with Marjiva, a senior yogini at the ashram.

Through the teachings of Sat Yoga, meditation and one-to-one healing sessions, a lifetime of internal strife was miraculously transformed into a renewed joy for life as well as a restored connection to God.

This blog includes an article written by Marjiva, a video interview with Roberto, as well as his poetic expression.

Don Roberto (center) with his fellow workers and his brother Donald (far right).

The Work of Roberto's Spiritual Healing

Roberto arrived at the Sat Yoga Ashram broken in spirit and physical health, having “hit bottom,” in his own words. Unable to find work in his hometown, he applied for a two-month interim job through his brother, Donald, a gardener and assistant beekeeper at the ashram.

A few days into his brother’s stay, Donald asked if I could assist Roberto with meditation classes. Roberto was not feeling well, and Donald thought he could greatly benefit from the practice. Donald began meditating soon after arriving to work at the ashram, and the ailments he came with disappeared.

In our first session, Roberto listed a series of issues: severe headaches, dizziness, racing heart palpitations, insomnia, fatigue, and allergies. Roberto felt disheartened, and at times thought he was at the edge of a mental breakdown. In addition to his physical and emotional ailments, he spoke of his conflicted personal life.

Roberto took to meditation naturally, immediately recognizing that he had been meditating since he was a young teenager; a time when he was given the Bible to read and would retreat alone to contact God.

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Since those early years, Roberto had been asked to join several Christian groups, but without apperceiving a connection to God through their biblical interpretations and practices, he declined, feeling alone and not spiritually understood. Roberto showed a natural ability for interpreting the Bible esoterically. He imperienced the nondual teachings of Sat Yoga immediately, as well as the role of meditation to reach higher levels of consciousness. Having healed himself through the power of prayer on previous occasions, Roberto was sure we have the potential for self-healing. He asked for help in gaining mastery over his mind and regaining his physical health, and guidance in the silent contemplation of God.

For six weeks, we incorporated meditation with Atmanological sessions and basic Sat Yoga teachings to help contextualize his imperiences. Courageous, discerning, astute, openhearted, Roberto trailblazed through the censor to integrate repressed traumas in the subconscious, along with fears, shame, and guilt that he was consciously burdened with. He ran into cynical fragments, doubting the power of meditation to heal, but quickly transformed them into wisdom on how to deconstruct the ego and its tenacious resistance of letting go of suffering and dis-ease.

Within the first week of inner work, Roberto’s physical symptoms began to wane and disappear. Resolute, he had vowed to himself to cease taking medical prescriptions while working at the ashram. These pharmaceuticals caused severe side effects, such as loss of sight and fatigue. Meditation and sessions became his medicine. Strengthened by fast healing results, he delved deeper to discover the psychological impediments that kept him from full recovery. On the way, severe core childhood wounds surfaced and were sublimated. Negative thoughts disappeared, and his relationships healed as his psychic and spiritual integrity was restored.

Roberto had longed for peace all his life, both inner and outer. He had prayed for God to return his faith, so peace could be established. The Merciful Lord heard Roberto’s earnest call and answered it at the Sat Yoga Ashram.

Roberto was clear that the energy field at the ashram was vital for his healing, along with his individual work in Atmanology and meditation. The pristine nature of the ashram’s surroundings was paradisiacal to him. His gratitude was beyond words for all that he had received here. In a very short time, his fragile emotional and personal life, and his failing physical health healed beyond what he could have ever imagined possible. But above all, he had returned to God.

Freed from psychic and spiritual limitations, his many talents also surfaced. He quickly learned and excelled in garden work. His skills in mechanics and electricity were applied with confidence. He felt ready to return home and resume his roles as husband, father, and family breadwinner.

Back at his home in Guapiles, he called to say that he is “flying high.” His first project was to build a flower garden for his wife in the backyard of their home. His gratefulness is repeated, and he’s now convinced, after years of denial, that saints can roam the world while alive, and that the power of God works through them in mysterious ways much more real than any physical reality can show.

To serve God is now Roberto’s renewed aspiration in life.



Roberto's Poem:

I’m not a poet nor do I know how to write poetry,

but I do like what I read to have a happy rhythm.

Alone and in agony I feel that I have no one

My God has abandoned me is my feeling.

Some time I meditated on my past and discovered

That it was I who abandoned You.

I never denied the Creator but all that surrounded me.

More than twenty years have passed

And I ask the Lord to help me see the light,

To discover the meaning for living.

Suddenly I am here in this paradisiacal place and

I understood the power of meditation

And then I discovered my salvation.

Reencounter with my God,

My spirit connected with the body

And all my being illumined,

My face radiant, my forehead illumined,

This is what my fellow workers said and those who saw me.

The other lessons, my body did not accept the change,

But my mind was ready.

Finding the centre has been difficult

Fears dragged me into the abyss, once and again.

With each lesson followed by meditation

I’m gaining the objective,

To free my mind, my body, and raise my spirit,

To purify the soul.

Today is a new beginning

My mind is serene

Peace fills all my being.

I found paradise that

At some time I dreamt.

I flew far without knowing,

My body and spirit are now only one,

I have found illumination.

God is with me, it is not imagination.

My mind is open,

My senses attentive for action.

Thank you my great lady

For the great help and the discovery

Of the great power that lives in me.

I am a new person

I see the world at my feet

And with the wings open

To unite with Him

As one, as being.

Peace and tranquillity fills my entire being.

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