The Melodie of Destiny Calls Two Travelers Home

Last weekend the Sat Yoga Ashram welcomed two returning friends and previous retreatants from Mexico and Belgium who visited us with their daughter, Melodie, seeking to reconnect and to learn more about the significance of parenthood from a Sat Yoga perspective.

Daniel Baldibieso and Helena Vertommen, after meeting at a permaculture design course co-led by Sat Yogini Durga, were among our first immersion students, pioneering the program when it began in February 2015. Impacted by their experience at the ashram, they went on to travel the world with the intention of learning about communities and one day starting a permaculture village. After their world tour, pregnant with both ideas and with child, they concluded that the country of Costa Rica was the best environment to grow their family and begin their permaculture village. They decided to make their provisional home close to the ashram.

After returning to Costa Rica, they contacted us and arranged a visit. “The energy field your sacred space at Arunachala holds is without a doubt something that we’ve never felt before—so powerful, that it touched our deepest core”, they shared. But what they found most unique about the Sat Yoga community was the dharmic balance of “love and law” that holds members to a high ethico-spiritual standard and, as a result, creates a safe and loving environment to live and grow.

Saturday evening, Shunyamurti led a Satsang and welcomed the new family. He greeted Melodie and her “servants”, Daniel and Helena, and shared that they had a very powerful soul in their charge. Daniel asked about the role of the father in one’s spiritual path, which is shared below. The night was filled with joy and lighthearted humor, mainly provided by Melodie.

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