The Free Will Paradox: We Dream Away Our Freedom, But Only to Awaken

In this video, Shunyamurti speaks about the states of dreaming and deep sleep, specifically why one creates a dream and the function of the dream, how one creates a world that resists one's control so that one can believe that it is real and not have to face that it is an illusion, but that liberation requires a radical letting go of a belief in the world so that one can reach Sat Chit Ananda.

"The only way to recognize that you are the creator of your world is also to recognize that there is no world—you haven’t created anything—and that the world is not what is to be valued. What is to be valued is the Self that manifests as a world of infinitely different beings, but that the one who is believing that they are the one seeing their world, is the primary illusion."

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