The Flower Gardens of The Sat Yoga Ashram

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

By Marjiva

Flower, Shakti’s feminine power, the elixir that animates the sensuous realm for the soul to drink. Divine fragrant sap zaps the dullness of ego existence into imperience*: The flower is within.

In the waiting stillness of the soul’s fertile ground, the God seed germinates in divine protection of an ashram setting; seemingly small change in the materialist world of capital gains. Yet, the sacred heirloom knows of a much greater gain, beyond physicality, a vertical ascension to a realm of worth-shape that the ego mind cannot moneytorize, but the heart can sense and feel, and the higher intelligence, the Buddhi, can weigh and intuit those subtle eternal magnanimous gifts of transformation from the Gifter of Life that no man-made object will ever match. The burning fire of Love’s creation dissolves lack and suffering inherent to the impermanence of the phenomenal plane. The flower, seasonal and short lived, serves us with an infinite vastness of meaning and reveals the glory of immortality within nature’s cycle of birth, sustenance and ceasing.

A gain and again, the flower in its intrinsic value unites the sense of separate existence. Bee-flower, be-flower, in-tu-it, meaning overwhelms, oversteps, and overrides objectification: I-thou one-we at the Home of Creation. The journey at Arunachala is to the peak of the Mountain of God where subjectivity is finally dissolved, ending the footprint of human egoistic subsistence that has defiled the Mother and her flowers.

Flower gardens, plant or human, are created when apparent individuals gather to form sacred communal co-existence. Their power augments in propensity as the many enhance the beauty of each individual, and each is seen as an integral part of the whole’s perfection. Beauty abounds in a flower. In a garden of flowers the boundless possibility of creativity further exhibits the Infinite’s potentiality. Beauty unfastens the chains of the ego’s shrunken intelligence, spilling into the soul’s wider more expansive reality, an inner landscape that curves in-to a fluid uninterrupted giving and loving exchange with an apparent exterior, before difference knew separation, and each seemingly individual manifests the divine potential of the unified field.

Like flowers in a garden, souls at Arunachala sing in the rain of divine luminous loveful insight, transforming the ego’s pistol like triggers of lack, desire, and fear into pistils for containing the God seed of intelligent beautiful creation. With each unfolding of the divine heart-mind, suffering abates, and what before ailed and alienated us from the Real is no longer minded.

For many, being in nature can activate sublime insights and placate physical and psycho-spiritual health. Such was the case for this being upon entering the spiritual path of Sat Yoga. The unspoken power of the flower garden offered curative medicine for the soul’s dis-ease; yet, the peace was unsustained. In a middle life crisis, the outer garden became my oasis of escape from a so-called successful life of material gain realized as fruitless and meaningless. Outside garden hours, turmoil remained. No worldly goods, including those of nature, could permanently suture the ruptured peace, love, beauty and intelligence within this being. The inner and outer garden seemed two irreconcilable variables of existence. In the throws of humble plea for Truth from an inner world charred by inauthentic egoic existence, the hand of Grace showed the way to Sat Yoga, and the gardens came along for the inner journey of exploration into the Heart Land of Arunachala.

The flowers growing wild at the Sat Yoga Ashram will be the first featured images on this page; they represent more directly the truth of wu-wei, effortless action, and its reverberating healing and enriching affects. May our awe and humble gratitude for the Cosmic Intelligence and our surrender to the Source of all creation serve as the humus for unconditional joy, love, peace and higher intelligence to grow within us, and in turn, return this God given planet into the Garden of Eden, once again.

Om Shanti.

Namaste, Marjiva


*Imperience is a Shunyamurti term that refers to soul consciousness, the inner world, based on more subtle consciousness that includes visions, dreams, hallucinations, bardos, subtle perceptions of ghosts, inter-dimensional beings, angels, etc.

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