The Final Stages of the Path

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

The Sat Yoga Institute curriculum consists of seven dimensions of inner development. They are structured around the Trivium and Quadrivium of the ancient universities of Europe.

The first three dimensions are the Trivium:


This refers to the making of a radical paradigm shift, the translation of our experience of reality into a new key, permitting an integral understanding that opens the portals to higher levels of the Real. These higher planes include the archetypal level, which contains the blueprints for the patterns and structures of all the forms of Nature; the zero dimension of spiritual power, the source of luminous energy that is the ground of all appearances, that produces and animates the entities and maintains the dynamic functioning of the world process; and the all- encompassing, indescribable supreme reality of the Absolute.


This refers to the process of purification of the soul. This involves the gradual elimination of egocentricity, and the release of both conscious and unconscious assumptions, attachments, identifications, and wishes of the ego. These egoic mental structures, demands, and habits are the obstacles that keep the ego mind in delusion, in a state of alienation from our Being. Transformation leads to integrity, self-empowerment, and the capacity for divine love.


This refers to the practice of meditation, of attaining inner silence, of pure awareness beyond the plane of thought. This results in the achievement of sovereignty over the egoic mind and enables consciousness to enter into direct relationship, and then dissolve in complete union, with the Supreme Self. The practice of meditation is essential to Sat Yoga.

"Once these three basic dimensions of Sat Yoga are developed and integrated, then the spiritual power and clarity are gained that enable the entrance into the advanced level of practice". ~ Shunyamurti

This level is comprised of four dimensions, referred to as the Quadrivium:


his refers to the complete revaluation of the meaning of life. It will result in new ways of relating to other people, to man-made things, and to Nature. A deep ecological consciousness will arise. The transvaluation will ripple through every moment of existence, producing spontaneous events of miraculous significance. The power of consciousness to affect the course of life can only be fully appreciated by those who have arrived at this level of functioning.


This refers to the figure one cuts in the world, the way one appears to others, and the impact one has on the world. In this stage, one’s luminous presence will radiate with positive energy that will be felt by others. The words that come from one’s mouth will be words of wisdom. One’s actions will be directed to the highest good of the Whole; one’s actions will be motivated by compassion and divine love.


This refers to the divine action of spiritual energy on the physical functioning of organisms. One will begin to vibrate at a higher frequency of spiritual presence, and this energy, which is the energy of life itself, will bring healing and harmony to the cells of the body, and enable one to function as an agent of healing for others.


This refers to the highest level of consciousness, in which consciousness no longer functions as a separate monad, but as a manifestation of the unified intelligence of the Whole. In this state, the ego will have been completely transcended. There is no longer a ‘my’ will, but only God’s will is present and active through the vehicle of the body-mind.

"The full significance of these seven dimensions of Sat Yoga can only be understood once one has advanced a long way on the spiritual path. As consciousness develops, it shifts to higher assemblage points, from which reality looks very different than it does from the lower levels." ~ Shunyamurti

Each level is potentiated by a spectrum of psychic energy vortices, known as chakras. There is a great deal of misinformation about the chakras, and their true nature. How to make proper use of their energies can only be imparted to serious students who have shifted to at least the fourth assemblage point.

The understanding of the process of shifting one’s assemblage point is part of Sat Yoga. This dimension of Sat Yoga derives from the secret teachings of Kundalini Yoga. It is one of seven main branches of classical Yoga that have been re-integrated in this path.

In this video teaching Shunyamurti discusses

these seven dimensions of Sat Yoga in more depth:

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