The Easy Path To Bliss

The Sat Yoga Ashram Meditation Weekend: The Easy Path to Bliss.

“Meditation is the core activity of ancient Yoga as well as nearly every other spiritual and religious tradition. In Christianity, it is called contemplative prayer. It is now used in secular contexts as well by people simply seeking inner peace and relief from stress. Science has proven its effectiveness.

Meditation is the art of developing the full potentials of our consciousness. The fundamental principle is to slow down, and eventually halt, the flow of thoughts in the mind. The more silent and still is the inner space of our consciousness, the more serene, happy, and empowered we will feel.

This taming of the mind, which for most people is wild and uncontrollable, results in an extraordinary level of self-mastery. Once the mental focus has been trained to respond to our will, we can turn our attention into a laser beam of pure concentration, and achieve much higher levels of skill and effectiveness in any activity we do.” From Meditation: The Joy of Transcendence by Shunyamurti.

Meditation is the core practice of Sat Yoga, in March 2015, the ashram hosted its inaugural Meditation Weekend

The weekend welcomed many newcomers to the ashram and we were also honored to host two of Costa Rica’s celebrated musicians, the virtuoso guitarist, Edin Solis, and the eminent soprano, Maria Marta Lopez. The weekend also welcomed back Don Rolando Araya.

Shunyamurti began the first class, “this is our first official weekend mediation intensive so it is an historic occasion for us as a community to offer this beautiful opportunity for Self realization in a very short time without any difficult practices required – the no austerity approach to bliss.”

With a stunning sunset as the backdrop, Shunyamurti gave his first heart-filled teaching: “This weekend allow your self to let go and not know who you are. Self-realization, paradoxically, is not knowing who you are but it is not knowing who you are and knowing that you cannot know who you are, because you are unknowable. You are the ultimate mystery.”

In-joy the full video of Shunyamurti’s teaching from the day:

Shunyamurti invited all present to embark upon our first guided mediation of the weekend and “take a journey on the pathless path of silent presence and simply allow ourselves the freedom to Be in the infinite beauty of the present, that is always present and always infinitely beautiful.”

The Divine Feminine is celebrated with a majestic concert by Edin Solis:

One of the highlights of the weekend was a concert given by Edin Solis. It was an extraordinary evening, introduced by Shunyamurti’s teaching on music and the reawakening of the divine feminine, “It is very important to honor music as that art which embodies the feminine power to such an extent that it can both take you into your body, into your heart and get all of your cells shaking and moving and dancing, but it can also take you into the cosmic space where music meets dream and where sound is color and form and where new universes take birth as the dream field in the mind of Shiva being completely, ecstatically, entranced by the love of Shakti. That is what will happen when Shiva and Shakti come together again in pure love, and that template of ultimate beauty, will then manifest as a phenomenal world, as a gift, so that we may enjoy the most ecstatic, beautiful possibility of experience that could ever be. This is the gift of the goddess. May all of us experience our surrender to the goddess and our embodiment of love.”

With incredible collaborations with Sat Yogis, it was a night of joy and celebration:

Edin with Hanuman and Nirmala, and below, with Yogiraj

The weekend came to a close with a teaching and meditation under the Tree of Life. On a serene morning, Shunyamurti offered a guided meditation of perfect peace to go, “deeper and deeper within, into the depths of your innermost Being, into the the silent depths of Pure Awareness, where the individual consciousness as a river meets the ocean of the infinite consciousness that is God. Deep within that inner consciousness, that inner ocean, that inner infinity, that is your heart.  And this ocean of nectar, ocean of love, ocean of light, ocean of bliss within you, this sweet fresh water ocean, will quench the thirst of your soul for eternity.”

Divine Love, deep peace and joy permeated all present. It was a magical weekend and we look forward to our Meditation Weekend If you are inspired to join us, please sign up early as these weekends fill up fast!

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