Spiritual Revolution - Our Only Hope!

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

In this video, Shunyamurti uses the metaphor of a revolutionary spirit to introduce the ideas of postmodern philosophers Deleuze and Nishida in relation to Sri Ramana Maharshi and the relationship of chaosmos and chiasma to the new communion.

Revolution is the Revelation:

From Chaosmos to Chiasma to the New Communion

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Advanced Training for Spiritual Revolutionaries:

How to Create the New World

We shall employ the most profound understandings of the great martial artists of the world, the great sages of all the esoteric transformational schools, the teachers of healing, the great siddhas, alchemists, and magi, the masters of power and divine light, the masters of Mind—for the purpose of empowerment and deployment in the Great Game of leading the ultimate spiritual revolution.

Join the supreme adventure and experience your highest Self. Know the joy of co-creating the triumph of goodness in the form of the installation of a new divine order (Dharma) on our planet, wielding the power that restores Nature, avataric culture, and unitary cosmic consciousness to their original parameters of absolute purity, infinite intelligence, and bliss.

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