Soil Health & Ethnobotany

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

By Durga

Soil Health & Ethnobotany: A visit by Rafael Ocampo and Agustín Contreras to the Sat Yoga Ashram

One of Sat Yoga’s greatest friends and most trusted consultants, Rafael Ocampo, on his 6th visit to the Ashram.

Rafa is our main consultant on agroecology, and crop selection, as well as soil health. Agustín Contreras, recognized Costa Rican ethnobotanist, joined Rafa at the ashram. On this special visit, Rafa, Agustín and Durga (the ashram’s head of agriculture) gave a joint workshop on bio-fertilizers to share their valuable wisdom with our neighbors and local Costa Rican community.

They imparted a different approach to fertilizers; using microorganisms from the forest to enrich and speed up the recovery of the health of our soils in a natural and sustainable way.

The Sat Yoga community also benefited from a talk by Agustín, who is an expert in medicinal plants and remedies. He gave a poetic presentation about the medicinal plant potential of the ashram’s wild and cultivated plants.

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