Sat Sonnets of Love

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

“Poetry is the essence of beauty. The poetry of words, the poetry of life, the poetry of Love. Poetry is that borderland between that which is articulable and that which cannot be articulated in any form. It expresses the essence of what we are: that power, that beauty, that spontaneous intelligence that is the manifestation of divinity, that becomes the expression of our existence. Let us converse and through the discourse of Love, bring a new world into being” ~ Shunyamurti

Art, and creative expression have always been a central part of our process at Sat Yoga. At our Ashram we are continually exploring new possibilities of applying art in the service of community building, transformation and as the manifestation of the most sublime beauty in all its forms.

In July 2015 the Sat Yoga community has gathered on Friday night’s for Poetry Night. In our first two classes we encountered the timeless sonnets of William Shakespeare. We explored together some of these timeless art works, and interpreted them in our very unique Sat Yogic way. We then went on to attempt to write our own verse in the Shakespearean sonnet form, in 45 minutes…

Like all our creative expressions, we feel these speak to the struggle, to the sublime beauty and everything in-between.  We hope you in-joy this glimpse into the Sat Yoga Paradoxshram!

Two Sonnets by Shunyamurti

“Besieged” The world besieges us with sufferings That we can only escape when ego dies. Our symptoms serve as useless bufferings Against a sea of troubles that does rise. Yet mind identified with signifiers Shrinks in dread from formless emptiness And fails to burn upon the sacred fires Until its final sin it does confess. Silencing these narratives I turn Within to abide in stillness and sweet Light As all who in remorse are made to learn The Heart shines beyond both wrong and right.      Oh ego proud yet lacking worth      I rue the day of your demonic birth.

“Sonnet to Shiva” Humility alone can bring us Home. But few would leave this sensuous world behind. Few invoke Thee, Shiva, please to come. Fewer still seek to transcend the mind. The price to pay goes up with every day, As maya reveals its poisonous jouissance. The need to escape its clutches and to slay Desire and fear requires Thy puissance! But all that ego wants must be renounced— And who has strength completely to detach When by the power of maya we’ve been trounced? Only Shiva’s bliss could be its match.      To Shiva, Self Supreme, surrenders me.      May I taste Thy nectar of eternity.


AMRITA ~ “Poetry that Heals the Stains” Laughter occurred in Silence of the Self Pain of the bad dream that never ended The stains and dust stay on the shelf Will I know where and how to claim this mend Past and future speaking in the Present The Pain of my heart speaks to the devil The walk in the forest brings truth to dent Find the broken clasp that opens the shackle Fear to be alone in my Love filled heart Take my hand, my dear one and follow One To the bull’s-eye that closes the art And the ego know it is yes done       The words express a pain that is open       Poetry heals to that happening.

ARJUNA ~ “Note to Self” Don’t let yourself to run amok today Forgetful of the power of restraint I pray, don’t fall into the trap as prey Let pleasures tempt you as a bait True power comes form’d in limitation True freedom comes as strong resolve Happiness requires your invention To break the chain your puzzle need be solved To live your life as if it’s poetry You must choose! Hold yourself together! Or else your day becomes a mockery You will remain an idiot, forever      If your heart burns in seeking true expression      Then discipline your mind – become a celebration!

BHUMA ~ “To A Sacred Life” Sunlight kisses buds and the flowers bloom And where water reaches your days will play A new life was born when you stood as groom To celebrate, your world’s first wedding day Night would then come and the flowers wither Rivers ran dry and play of life seemed lost You saw lovers part hither and thither Mourning the truth of what it all would cost But lo and behold! All of nature sang A surprise when she suddenly appear Tell me, was that why all the church bells rang Because you are both born, yet always here?      Something parts but love remain, I now see      Celebrate both birth and eternity!

DURGA ~ “An ode to returning” The best part of Leaving is returning How many more times will I leave you? Oh Dearest Silence, Oh Dearest Peace Why do I still betray you, forget you? As the yearn to return for good grows My soul gets sadder and sadder out there I feel the day is very close- it almost glows! When I won’t be able to leave you anymore… I´m sure you are laughing up there: “Where does she think she´s coming and going? As if she could go in and out of Me As if she could hide from my Loving”      And I hear your laughter God, Everywhere      And that makes me smile No matter where I am

HANUMAN ~  “Cut the Cord” I’m ready to climb back inside of you All around me I feel the spiders crawl No fire light keeps the shadows from view Looking to hide, in any way at all I hide from the Power by squeezing it Constricting potential at every turn But these infant diapers no longer fit I’m ready to grow and ready to learn Breathing in deeply, feel the expansion Release the tension, the river’s suction Open the doors to this formless mansion Turning my back on endless seduction      The spin of the wheel goes on forever      Until the cord, I completely sever

JAGDISH ~ “The King Snake” From whered’st thou come my darling lithesome friend? Stark choice thy metal chair from forest fair. Thine divine presence, what might thee portend? Brahman dreams this dream we beings do share. Silent, still, taught, beautiful reptile true. An archetypal being of surprise Infinite meaning for those who construe Thou hast come to shaken, we surmise. We honor thee in this abode of light Manifest in the perfection of all Shan’t the deft field mice that flee in fright Return to God In their transcendent fall?      Noble is he who stands firm in His Truth      Thous’t a stave for those mired in the uncouth.

NIRMALA ~ “Suffering Leads to God” Captured as a fleshly creature A hunter as much as she is the prey The mother birthed her, that she would please her Entrapment her fate, enslavement, no play… Now, much time has passed, yet the scars remain Deep, rigid, contours etched into her Soul Psychic space curved; warping her world by pain Yet, faulty structures of hate hold no weight… Her insatiable search for an escape Led her to a Master who spoke of Love A Pure, Unconditional, Agape That showered her with Grace, Peace of a dove      Now it’s this Love she hunts for, and she prays      That her Heart finally finds rest through His Loving gaze.

NIRGUN ~ “Untitled” Oh sweat supreme intoxication rain! I’m here, your slave surrendered in your arms. Engulf me, eviscerate me Mighty Flame Burn up this “poor me”, looking out for alms. My palms are open to your loving grace In all humility on your mountain I leave behind betrayal and disgrace. Break free my Heart from this imagined chain. All lies, deceit, anger simply observe – Let all dissolve in Shiva’s holy light. The narratives and acts no longer serve The time is now to spread our wings in flight.      And so upon the majesty of Love      Your servant here awaits your Holy Dove

PARVATI ~ “I am here where I am” Coughing is like picking at a large scab Fighting intruders with mucus and phlegm Without a care for cost, leave rents with the tab Life becomes one gaping hole of repressed sin I have no talent for writing sonnets It may be better if I make up words Entertain you wearing a big bonnet And pretend I am a really big nerd Soon you will see I’m not funny or smart My only pet was an omninous peeve In the morning I only ate poptarts Never could I find the right path to cleave      But now I am here where I am, you see      Sat Yoga giveth life, and my life to thee

PREMA ~ “Ode to the Divine Mother” Heartbeat from the center of the Earth From Gaia’s whisper all life-forms emerge Water, Wind, Fire and Earth All are The Self Nourish this poor soul God I’m at my verge In sweet surrender my heart confides To cherish the dark nights dancing to your rhythms All rivers unite as one becoming the ocean tides And black blood crystalizes under New Moon prisms From essence of your resins I begin My bare skin woven with your fertile clay As Death disembarks I lower my chin Dissolving hand in hand with the river’s fay      On your glory day all hummingbirds sing      Hereditary mother instinct satis-flying schemes

PURUSHA ~ “Of Laughter & Violence” The mind is forever ridiculous Upset about this, angry about that The constant stream of words—what trick is this? It spins and spins, like a wheel for a rat Giggle, giggle, perennial pickle In vitriolic vinegar not sweet; But fermented bubbles start to tickle And with laughter, the ego we defeat So treat yourself to the sweet, sweet silence And encounter the stillness of your toes For feet know more of laughter and violence Than the mind and its pride can ever know      Embrace paradox, let all sense depart      And never put the horse before the cart!

SARASWATI ~ “Sonnet 108: 1:08 Body Reborn” Mother, I have not compared thee to a summer’s eve. Thy body secretly besmirched, opened only for profane desire. So deeply yearns my outcast heart for thy love that I still grieve, While the banshee calls the warning of the death pyre. Mother, thy precious body destroyed by blind appetite. Thou hadst made sacrifice of thy limitless beauty and life, So the fallen child may look into her heart and discover the light. When, by humility’s power, shall I know you as our Father’s wife? Mother, infinitely nourishing spirit of compassion, I call thy grace. And behold thy magnificent fragrance of love and charity. Into the folds of acceptance and creative silence, I am embraced. Bare ruin’d lands of your sacred forms, resurrected, now seen in most pure exquisite clarity.      Tired from hatred of the body of shame, disgust, confession.      I offer myself and life to thy sacred possession.

SATYA DASS ~ “Love Does Not Defile” I realized that absolute giving Free of demands and without strings attached Reveals the antidote to suffering As the gates of the heart are all unlatched That which was once thought as our desire Proves to be the command of an Other To rape the angel and put out the fire Which burns the ghost of the childhood mother We can keep desiring or we can love One ends up in pain the other in gain Of a joy that comes from the high above Dreaming a new world free from the profane      Such innocence has come to rescue the day      For now we can play the game that you say

SURYA ~ “Hands in Heaven” A helpless hand is reached out to thee A cry of a stomach missing in art Following a blessed path regained he Who thought blood dropped only by fallen part The courage to be pulled up from a heart Ashamed and guilty left for tomorrow’s death Eyes wet and open recognized apart Though upon me thyne single eye shineth Power streamed and received I take you in Feeling embraced I know you have now come The deepest chamber you have cleared of sin As lighter than love I lift to your home Your hand I hold and never do let go Fly my child to the skies where bliss we’ll sow

ANONYMOUS ~ “Stuckness” Trapped inside an invisible toy box Surround wrap sealed up tight-suffocated Innocent child with doll like curly locks Stays stuck long after being dislocated Fantasies turn into reality Unable to separate past/present Mind stuck in that old familiar city Jury’s still out, will she ever repent Turn in the treasured jeweled false potencies Give up the ghost that haunts the broken shell Only silence can heal the painful cries May true love run wild & fill the hearts well      Oh ego come on let go of the rope      It’s time to realise where lies the real hope

ANONYMOUS ~ “In-dependence Day Blues” I don’t even know her yet I gave my heart to her. Chained and closed, my love refused? Hot eyes, dumb. Commanded never to cry To this mystery I find myself fused But Shiva, my savior, has called me home, For Ultimate Truth this heart does yearn, In pristine Awareness it shall be known Odyssey begun, there is no return. Nectar slides from Shiva’s sugar-spun spoon – One drop will dissolve the shrouding mist, To reveal the Light side of the moon. Shiva – I pray for thy redeeming kiss.      The storm that brews deep within, can’t harm me,      Thunder and lightning will set me free.

ANONYMOUS ~ “Kairos” Mind restrict, Scientific Narrative Cause and effect, nothing more do I see Building on one plus one comparative This, wiped and threatened into little me Thouths in clustered movement, incoherent I fall into a circular regress Paying my life as superegos rent Life’s highest value is father’s request Was lost in search, symbolic thought taken Without beauty of the mind, what is? In Lack and her, was I fully shaken. Shaken by thunder­love, her silent Bliss       Now, in loving sigh I myself embrace       Allowing frightened child to live in grace 

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