Sat Kabbalah – Tradition of Ecstasy

The most esoteric Kabbalah, explained in the light of quantum physics, Jungian archetypes, psychoanalysis, and the non-dual teachings of ancient Eastern wisdom, provides a unique cartography of consciousness. Join Shunyamurti for an extraordinary week in which we will discover the true Kabbalah and its profound significance for the human soul in this unique moment of planetary change.

Kabbalah is one of those threads of esoteric wisdom that is congruent with all the other secret traditions. Each thread is essential to understand in its relation to the others if we are to perceive the Great Tapestry of cosmic manifestation in its totality and merge with the ineffable mind of God. The accurate understanding of the deep knowledge carried by Kabbalah enables one to be fully aligned with the Supreme Will and not only live in perfect peace in this period of massively accelerating transformation, but function as a catalyst for the emergence of the world to come.

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