Sat Brigade: To the Rescue!

This Ain’t No Rescue Fantasy…

For the past six months, Carlos Hidalgo, Sat Yoga’s health and safety consultant, has been training a group of Sat Yogis to act as an emergency response team, helping us to minimize risks and to learn how to respond to emergency situations. We have learned to discern potential hazards and how to minimize or prevent them. We’ve all participated in fire simulations and learned how to use different types of fire extinguishers:

We light your fire here, but we also know how to put them out… 

And recently, we’ve begun our first aid training:

Carlos Hidalgo demonstrating the correct position for treating a lower leg trauma.

As we finished putting on the last head bandages—and everyone in the room was left looking like the cast of King of Hearts (a 1960s comedy film)—the day’s practical training was complete. That day, Carlos had taken us through our second full day of first aid training, and we were now ready to respond to minor wounds and cuts.

Now we can help with your outer wounds as well as the inner ones…

We have also learned about earthquake response and look forward to learning more about how to respond to burns, electric shock, fractures as well as stings and bites. As our community grows, as well as the numbers of those visiting the ashram, our Sat Brigade is being trained to ensure the safety of everyone here for a weekend, a retreat, or as a permanent resident of our community.

This is part of our greater effort to become a fully self-sustaining prema-culture village able to deal with all the cataclysmic shocks that are now threatening our world, to survive and thrive without the grid or any of the apparatus of civilization that we still take for granted.

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