Santa Claus & The Power of Forgiveness

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

"What does Santa Claus give? He gives you a present. Most people only have a past, Santa gives you a present. He gives you Divine Presence—that's what the gift is under the tree. And what is the tree? It's the Tree of Life. It has to be evergreen, right? When you have arrived at the Tree of Life and the star of Bethlehem, the star which is that ultimate point of infinite light that is the absolute image of Shiva and you are within that field of delight, of joy that is Christmas, the season of Christmas, and everyone comes to the tree and there are gifts for everyone because Santa was very generous and it's all there, then everyone receives a present . . . . It is the Presence that is the real gift, and if you are willing to accept Santa's gift of eternal ever-green Presence, then you are liberated."

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