Renowned Yogi Sri Amrit Desai Visits Shunyamurti

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

The Sat Yoga Ashram was honored to receive a visit recently by one of the great legendary yogacharyas of our time. Sri Amrit Desai came to Arunachala to speak privately with Shunyamurti and to offer teachings to our sangha. Sri Amritji is one of the early pioneer yogis from India who opened the West to the knowledge of authentic yoga. He created the Kripalu Center, named after his own guru, and now leads an ashram in Florida, and at the age of 84, continues to teach.

His joyful presence and practical wisdom was greatly appreciated by the whole sangha. This was a wonderful opportunity to receive a different angle on gyana and dhyana from that offered by Shunyamurti, but which supported and was congruent with the Sat Yoga teachings.

We were privileged to enjoy his mesmerizing kirtan, his pithy and hard-earned psycho-spiritual insights, his humor and compassion, as well as the priceless treat of listening to a dialogue between Amritji and Shunyamurti on the esoteric significance of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The profound exchanges between Shunya and Sri Amritji created an enchanting energy field of radiant light that revealed the power of their resonant presence.

Sri Amrit Desai, as Shunya said in the closing moments of their final satsang together, is a true manifestation of Zorba the Buddha, a teacher who has come through the full catastrophe, a master who is able to laugh at himself, to continue humbly to learn and teach the highest truths with genuine authority, and to fill all hearts with peace.

We thank Sri Amrit Desai for his impacting presence, and wish him all blessings on his ongoing spiritual seva.

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