Ramana Maharshi & the Will to Power, the Seductions of Epistemophilia, & the Politics of Ontology

In this video, Shunyamurti continues the exploration of the implications of the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi. In particular, Shunyamurti looks at the dimensions of existence that are referred to as "The Will to Power"—the famous phrase of Friedrich Nietzsche—as the operating principle of subjectivity—"The Seductions of Epistemophilia" which refers to Melanie Klein's understanding of the ego, in its healthier modes of growth; coming to love knowledge. "Epistemology" is the study of the theory of knowledge. And the seductions of epistemophilia means how knowledge can actually distract us from growth and cause our trajectory of development to become deviated from the optimal path. And then "The Politics of Ontology"—ontology referring to the philosophical discipline that studies being, or the Real, or just what is.

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi was the greatest sage of the twentieth century. He revolutionized the approach to spiritual practice and the understanding of the true meaning of Liberation.  Using a combination of guided meditations, silent meditations, and direct transmissions of the Truth revealed by Sri Ramana, Shunyamurti will lead you on a journey into the Blissful Self from which your ego mind may never return!

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