Quantum Yoga

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

In this video teaching, Shunyamurti explains how can we use the latest scientific understanding of quantum mechanics as well as chaos, complexity, and catastrophe theories to achieve the ability to access and function in the Primordial State of Unitive Presence.

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The Primordial State is that of Supreme and Perfect Realization of the uncreated Absolute. Once our mind has overcome the chaotic level of ego domination, and we have achieved the restoration of our natural and original energy flow, the intensities of joy, love, and creative intelligence will manifest the most exquisite emergent properties that now lie latent, and create the highest levels of fulfillment and optimal functioning in all sectors of the system of the Cosmos.

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The way out of the current critical situation of endangered planetary existence is to use all our scientific understanding and our potencies of un-conflicted thought to penetrate beyond the nihilistic event horizon of the human level of becoming, to enter fully the posthuman and transhuman—and in particular, the superhuman—dimensions of our Being, from which we can gain the insights and powers of interconnectedness on the quantum level of reality to solve all our current problems. We have the power to bring a new world into Being. But first we must attain the Real Self. Let us reason together into the Truth of the Real.

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