Meditation: Refinding Your Essence

In this video teaching, Shunyamurti explains that meditation is the act of refinding our essence and that the act of meditation brings us back to that essence.


"Meditation is the act of re-finding your essence.

Not that your essence is ever lost. But if one’s attention leaves the essence and enters into the periphery of consciousness, one could say, enters into the husk, then one enters into the egoic matrix of desire and fear.

And one enters into a state of being captured by forces such as appetite, and memory, nostalgia, that can produce anxiety and depression and lust and greed, and all of those vices that cause us to lose our balance and act in ways that are inaccurate and unloving, and in violation of our own true nature, and which bring backlashes of suffering.

And so the more that one engages in the act of re-finding one’s essence, until there is no longer a tendency to forget it, and life becomes an eternal meditation, until such time, the act of meditation brings one back to that essence that is pure white Light, pure Love, pure bodiless Presence.

It is the God Seed within each of you. The God Seed is beautiful, sublimely peaceful and loveful, and with an inherent wisdom and power of navigating through the matrix of this holographic simulation without disturbance; with poise, with clarity, with compassion, with understanding of the nature of the various forms of illusion that beings can fall into, and that one can serve to help them free themselves from.

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