Inspirations from the Retreat

Marjiva Ma shares her inspirations from our most recent retreat, The Alchemy of Endless Ecstasy: Meditation as Rapture

Marjiva Ma in Meditation

Was this helpful, asked Shunyamurti at the end of the Sat-a-daynight Teaching. There were no words, yet then, to speak the knowledge that was being churned from within the heart. After Sunday morning´s final Teaching, words came through as follows:

Stunning, the beauty of Truth of the Sat Yoga Teachings puts this ego to sleep and awakens the soul to speak. Their power penetrate through the false veils of illusion. The heart is raised out of the muck of trauma and hears the outer Teachings from within. What had yet to be learned is spoken:

The courage to stand in the Ground of Being has been discerned as safe. Unlike in the childhood formation of the ego when the soul, standing her ground against the others’ blind and biding bigotry, was beaten into the ground of falsity, and the soul’s veils of stains knotted up in the heart.

The I-Thought is stunned by the Love magnanimous that understands and articulates the previously unvoiceable shock of consciousness in the face of cruelty. The dumb-down collective consciousness of malignant authority, that became internalized, is silenced. Yeats’ rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born is released, within, from its chains of transgenerational slavery to false ego consciousness.

The soul awakens to its identity in God’s Lineage, from finite to infinite existence, learning, a scientist of consciousness in the Alma Matter that is the world. Perfection, awesome, detached awareness, stops the ego’s shenanigans. It is to gain the soul’s graduation from this school of Maya and suffering that this dream is created; all other efforts to the contrary must stop. The mind surrenders for the all-powerful Magician to act, speaking words of Wisdom, healing, alchemizing and integrating the shell-shocked fragments of ego consciousness back to their center and Source of Wise Love.

Meditation, the field where the divine Power can enter and perform the metamorphosis of larva ego consciousness into spirit’s angelic butterfly. Great Mother and Father of the Universe, this soul is your child awakening from the trance of its ego version and its transgressions, learning, and surrendering back into Your love full arms, protected by the Dharma Body, all-forgiving.

The heart uncoils from the false self, spiraling back to the Self, opens wider and wider to receive Your Grace and Blessings, and learns the true meaning of parenting and child raising. For the new creation, stainless, pure consciousness is required. For That, there is no doubt.

The soul’s immaculate conception on the road to Bethlehem journeys in acceptance, renunciation, and surrender to God. She rides on the beast of burden, the ego, until all stains are purified and the veils of the soul’s sadness and sorrow are fully lifted by the Love of God, and the ego dies.

May the light of the Northern Star take over this journey to the manger where the Christ child is to be born and be the Light of God, daughter and son, Atman, that shines from the Supreme Sun, Mother-Father onto the world as Above, so below, once more. Paradise for all to see and Injoy.

Meditation, beloved act, for the Book of Acts to manifest as the Living Bible written by God in every heart, empty of ego and full as the One.

Shunyamurti, my Higher Self, my profound gratitude for enacting in the form, the inconceivable Beauty and Love that is Truth. This being bows in gratitude and humility as a slave of God following and learning in your footsteps.

All is He, Anandamayi Ma speaks as this heart listens ever more deeply.

Om Namo

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti   

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