Injoy: The Simplest Way

Yes, this may be the simplest of all possible ways to attain liberation in life. There is absolutely nothing to do. Simply “injoy!” Injoy means that your very nature, your essence, is joy. Joy is always forever within. You ARE injoy.

Injoy is an unusual word. It is at the same time noun and verb and adjective. Injoy is completely different from “enjoy.” “Enjoy” is an action of someone, or a command, it requires a doing, it is a temporary situational experience, one that can be lost, and therefore can be longed for, which creates pain and suffering. In fact, all our pain and suffering comes from a longing for a lost enjoyment (kept distant by false beliefs regarding oneself and reality). But injoy is our very Being. Injoy cannot be lost. We are always injoy. So the simplest path is to stop seeking to ENjoy, and simply INjoy. This does not require any particular kind of meditation. One need not sit cross-legged, nor chant some mantra, nor even think about God. In fact, you will find God injoy, without even looking. If there is looking, or seeking of any kind, then one is not injoy. When injoy, then all things come of themselves. Flowers and birdsong and dancing and delicious sensations of every sort flourish injoy. Life itself is injoy. Injoy is the essence of all things. Even the mind in the most rarified process of abstraction performs its representational acrobatics injoy. In fact, you may discover that even when reading, a text will actually read itself to you injoy. All that is real is injoy. Even pain is injoy. What could be simpler? Instead of suffering over the lack of some thing you want to enjoy, choose to realize your true nature as injoy! The Self or the Truth or the God or the Emptiness or the Liberation that we seek on our spiritual path we truly already are. There is thus nothing left to do, but celebrate: Injoy!

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