Greenhouse September Report ~ Beauty Surrounds Us In Every Moment!

By Hanuman |

Welcome to Al-Kauthar, the Sat Yoga Ashram greenhouse. We are blessed to share with you a picturesque look inside our ever-evolving processes of growing food for a sustainable future. This month's report boasts the beauty and bounty of what we've been cultivating, harvesting and experimenting with. We look forward to sharing more short-cycle developments very soon!

This month, we've been blessed to have the assistance of Yannick (left) and Daniel (right), our Greenhouse Volunteers who have been working very diligently and with a great ha ji! spirit. Yannick has been with the Short Cycle Team every morning before breakfast and has been focusing on training in transplanting and planting. Daniel has been working with us both before and continuing after breakfast. Here he displays the beautiful okra he has just harvested.

The Papaya Experiment Continues... This tree has volunteered behind Al-Kauthar in the compost pile where we have been growing ayotes. It appears to be female and is beginning to produce fruits! The seedlings are doing very well and have been thinned to reduce competition. We will end up selecting just one of these plants to continue growing inside Al-Kauthar into a full-sized tree!

The Spinach Seed Experiment Continues…While there have not been any signs of germination yet, the seeds have turned a dark brown color and may be mature enough to germinate soon. Our intention is to collect seeds in order to add spinach to our programmed seeding matrix. In the meantime, we got a nice harvest from plants in the Jagadamba Malaya garden, and some fresh plants adopted from the Sri Nalanasana gardens!

We continue to be surprised by the Sweet Chiles (originally from Gabriel) that continue to produce and grow outdoors exposed to all the elements! We staked up the youngest plants in preparation for the weight of all the fruits that will soon begin to bear!

We have had a few rounds of beautiful, healthy, and abundant Bok Choi. We plan to save seeds from these two amazing varieties; High Mowing Pac Choi (left) and Johnny’s Black Summer (right). They both produce a very tender and hearty leafy green for Ruchira’s magicians to incorporate into meals. We have updated the planting matrix to include 10 Bok Choi plants every week!

We turned our Soil Making Pile this month after the temperature reached its peak around 45 degrees Celsius and began to drop. We spread out the materials, added molasses diluted in water, then reformed the pile and covered it with black plastic. The white fungus we found inside the pile (right) is a good sign that there is micro-life in our new fledgling soil.

It’s a joy to stop and appreciate the coherence found in the forms of nature!



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