Experience, Imperience, and Sumerience

By Shunyamurti |

Spiritual development can be thought of as the double passage from one mode of perceiving reality to a second and then a third, specifically from the mode of experience to that of imperience, and finally to that of sumerience.

In the experiential mode, consciousness is divided into subject and object, on the one hand, and identified as an objectified subject, on the other. Awareness is funneled through the imaginary and symbolic grid of meaning, and the value differentiations of the ego distort perception through the curvature of perceptual space produced by the unconsciously determined egocentric selectivity of data and reactivity impulses that organize the dimensional projection of the primordial energy of Being into structured world-appearance and egoic physical identification plus ongoing repetitive mentalization, plus the absent heart of the Ground of Being, creating a sense of lack and a nostalgic desire for an impossible fulfillment. This can be mythologized as a religious feeling, or converted into an aesthetic, ethical, or scientific discourse, or de-sublimated into an addictive craving for an existent object.

When the perceptual mode of imperience unfolds, the inner world is revealed as having ontological priority. One becomes aware of the archetypal images and symbols and mathematical logic that structure the world-picture, that underlie and configure the space of “reality,” and that give rise to the quantum indeterminacy and possibility of novelty and the miraculous. The subtle energies of the inner world become recognized for their healing potency and transmutative efficacy. The power of visionary states, inspired insight, paranormal realities, non-substantial actants that catalyze unpredictable changes, shift the paradigm of perception even more radically toward awareness of the Intelligence that underlies, permeates, and designs the whole world-process. The divine presence becomes a palpable reality.

Once the intelligence has recognized the unitive nature of inner and outer, subject and object, and has begun the process of integrating all the opposites into a new nondual perceptual coherence, the meditative centering in the emptiness of pure awareness leads to the spectacular synesthesia of celebration of the infusion of the infinite Real into the finite reality. Thus emerges the truth of the timeless equation, Atman is Brahman is shrishti (creation). Self, world, and God are three-in-one, one-in-three. This is the summa, the peak of enlightenment, as well as the sum, the I am, the self-realization of Shiva. It is also called by the name of jagadananda, the bliss of realization that the world is the Self Supreme. This is known in Buddhism as Anuttara Samyak Sambodhi, the Supreme Enlightenment of union with the Absolute.

Simply through silently abiding in the stillness of pure presence, abiding in the heart, as the unborn and deathless Self, the primordial Emptiness, the grace of blissful luminous love fills the vast and boundless reaches of the noumenal Godhead, and reveals Nirvana to be Samsara, Emptiness to manifest as form, and all as the eternal play of Shiva and Shakti. Consciousness becomes filled with joy, with fearless contentment, wholeness, in recognition of the perfection of all that is. Simply by surrendering to the Absolute, to Anuttara, the whole burden of karma melts away, the whole complex of egoic suffering dissolves instantaneously. Your nature is freedom, ecstasy, intuitive unitive understanding, nobility, unshakeable empowerment. You can claim all the benefits and powers of your true nature now. There is no need to wait. The portals of Liberation are open.



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