Creating Sacred Communion

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

July 2015 marked our sixth month of living at the ashram…  Having settled into a rhythm of daily seva (service) and classes, our roots are now firmly planted in the rich soil of communal life which is fertile with opportunities to learn, to serve, and to grow. We are discovering the possibility of true relating and creating enchanted spaces where our capacity for sacred communication can evolve. In one of the key teachings of the last month (which we include below), Shunyamurti talks about the function of yoga as a way to create sacred spaces of communion internally and with others.  This cultivation of deeper communion has inspired many of our activities and teachings the past month.

In June 2015, we initiated “Premaculture Adventures.” These morning gatherings invite every member of our community to step away from their daily responsibilities in the kitchen, offices, and other departments, to  join together for work in our gardens, greenhouses, and food forests. The morning hours are precious times to commune with one another, to connect with the food we are growing, and with the plants and wildlife we are nurturing and protecting at the ashram.

In the enchanted space of our ashram, we have recently welcomed many new friends here for our retreats and meditation weekends. It is a privilege to participate and witness their powerful journeys of healing and transformation. We are finding that many short-term visitors are moved to extend their stay with a month-long immersion program (and beyond!).

We are so touched to see people staying on and benefiting from the work we are doing. With this recent emphasis on on creating the “magical space between,” we begin preparations for our upcoming 7-day retreat: Sat Mind, Sattvic Speech, Sacred Action. This retreat will address perhaps one of the most challenging issues we face today: how to relate in the most compassionate and effective way. We will explore the philosophical and practical implications of wholistic communication and find out how we can relate in more loving, joyful, and authentic ways.

Through our ongoing inner and outer work, and through our service to all who come, we are discovering that people can succeeded in coming together joyfully, beyond projections and preconceptions, to create communities that can embody the power of Truth, Goodness, and Love. We hope that our work here will continue to inspire you, and serve all who seek to find a new path to a life of joy and creative freedom.

Namaste, Sat Yoga Sangha

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